Vonage answers Canadians’ calls

Staying in touch with family and friends across North America and around the world, without a hefty phone bill, can be quite a challenge. Internet telephone service has quickly established itself as the best alternative for long-distance callers. Vonage Canada leads the way with home phone service that includes unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance, free phone features, and the ability to take your phone service nearly anywhere in the world – all for one low flat monthly rate.

How does Vonage® phone service work?
Vonage® phone service works just like a traditional phone service, except calls travel over the Internet instead of a dedicated phone line. But you don’t use your computer to make the phone calls, you still use your existing touchtone phone. Vonage gives you a small box, about the size of a paperback novel, called a phone adapter. Instead of plugging your phone into the wall jack, you plug it into the phone adapter. Then you connect the phone adapter to your high-speed Internet connection and voila, you’re ready to start making and receiving calls.

Every call is like a loal call
With Vonage® phone service, your phone number lives inside your phone adapter. This device is small enough to take with you anywhere in the world. Just plug your adapter into any phone anywhere you have a high-speed Internet connection, and every call you make anywhere in North America or 5 European countries is free. What’s more, friends and family can dial your local phone number and reach you wherever you are without extra long distance charges.

Profile of the Davis family: Snowbirds from Toronto save money with Vonage
After retiring from teaching two years ago, Joan and Henry Davis are now shifting into a new lifestyle that includes spending the winter months at their vacation home in Florida and the summers at their cottage in northern Ontario. With three grown children and five grandkids, it’s important to them to stay connected through weekly calls and email.

“In the past, we had three phone lines including one for each of our homes as well as a cell phone,” says Joan. “In one month alone, it wasn’t uncommon for our monthly phone bills to total $300 including our cell phone and long distance charges.”

When the Joan and Henry first learned about Vonage® they were happy that they finally had an alternate choice for their phone service. When they realized Vonage’s unlimited calling plans include unlimited long distance in North America, and unrestricted calling to any landline in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, at a flat monthly rate that is significantly lower than traditional phone service, they decided to try it. Moreover, the idea of keeping their same phone number and having the ability to travel with their phone service made Vonage® extremely appealing.

“Because our phone bills were so high, we were relying on email so we could stay in touch with our family, but it’s just not the same as talking on the phone,” says Joan. “With the phone adapter, it was really just a matter of plugging in the telephone and we were ready to go. I was really surprised at how easy it was, even for someone who’s not the least bit technically inclined.”

Today, Joan and Henry rely solely on Vonage for their phone service. The couple estimates they save more than $1,000 a year and have reduced their total phone bills by 50 percent.

“When my children saw how much money we were saving, they switched to Vonage as well,” said Henry. “Thanks to Vonage’s Refer-a- Friend program we received two months of free service when each child signed up for Vonage®, for a total of six months of free service. Since calls between Vonage customers are free we can call each other as much as we want.”

The Davis’ have also taken advantage of Vonage’s unique phone features. When they realized the amount of money Joan’s sister in Calgary was spending to speak to Joan every week they decided to set up a Calgary virtual number. A virtual number is an inexpensive secondary number with an area code different to the customer’s local number that rings to a Vonage customer’s primary line, and only accept incoming calls. Joan’s sister calls this local Calgary phone number and it rings to the Davis’ primary line. Joan’s sister no longer has to pay any long distance charges and can call Joan as often as she wants.

Is Vonage® phone service right for you?
Vonage® phone service fits a number of lifestyles. If you want to stay connected when you travel, easily stay in touch with family and friends, stop paying for multiple phone bills and are tired of expensive phone bills, then Vonage® phone service is for you. With the added convenience of flat rate billing and the ability to access unique phone features, Canadians are making the switch to Vonage® phone service and enjoying their monthly savings.

Sign up now with CARP and receive 2 months of free Vonage service. Visit www.vonage.ca/carp or call 1-888-780-6192.