Vancouver named top city for tourists

Canadians are passionate when it comes to promoting or defending their hometown, but when given the task of pledging your allegiance to only one city in Canada, where would your loyalties lie? Would you stick to your guns and advocate for the city you live in, or would you become an ambassador for Canada and select the one city you feel best represents our country as a citizen of the world?

MasterCard Canada’s 2006 Priceless Index got to the root of this difficult task by asking Canadians to name their top city for tourists: nearly one in five (19 per cent) respondents selected Vancouver as the one Canadian city visitors to our great country definitely should not miss.

Residents of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia all ranked Vancouver as top of their list, however, the 2006 Priceless Index found that although Vancouver was the top choice overall, it wasn’t the clear winner, as respondents from Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario preferred cities that were closer to home.

Halifax was top of the list for Atlantic Canadians. More than one in five (21 per cent) picked the city as the best place to visit.Proud of their own, almost half (47 per cent) of respondents in Quebec said Quebec City was where tourists should go. Meanwhile, Ontarians only had eyes for Toronto, as 28 per cent chose the city as the must-not-miss destination in Canada.

"The Priceless Index has quantified the patriotic nature of Canadians on two levels," says Jennifer Reed, Vice President, Public Affairs, MasterCard Canada. "Although we’re beset with national pride, we’re also fiercely proud of our hometowns. Canadians consistently select local cities and landmarks as the most Priceless."

Montreal named the dining, fashion and night life capital of Canada
Montreal is well known for its unique European flair and late night attractions — and it appears that scores of Canadians agree, according to the 2006 Priceless Index, a MasterCard Canada study that tracks what Canadians find priceless about their country.

Montreal’s world renowned chefs serve up fine dining that caters to the most refined taste buds, and both locals and travellers can savour a great variety of regional and international cuisines. Perhaps this was what motivated over one quarter of Canadians (28 per cent) to select Montreal as the best city for dining, followed by Toronto (22 per cent) and Vancouver (14 per cent).

"Montreal’s gastronomy has built a long-standing, internationally acclaimed reputation, so it’s not surprising that Canadians find it the best city to treat their palates to something exquisite," said Jennifer Reed, Vice President, Public Affairs, MasterCard Canada. "Bon appétit in Montreal, the dining capital of Canada."

Montrealers also lead the way on the fashion runway. According to the more than 2,000 Canadians surveyed in this year’s Priceless Index, one in three (35 per cent) chose Montreal as the style headquarters of Canada, followed by Toronto (22 per cent), Vancouver (13 per cent), and Quebec City (11 per cent). In particular, Quebecers are very much into their own style, as eight in 10 ranked Montreal and Quebec City as the two most stylish cities in Canada.

Following an exquisite meal, decked out in your best ensemble, what better place to party on a Saturday night than Montreal? In fact, the 2006 Priceless Index found that Montreal was the top choice (28 per cent) as the best city to party in Canada. Montreal’s buzzing nightlife includes hundreds of clubs, lounges and pubs that offer anything and everything to please the most capricious partiers! Forget flying to New York or Paris, book a ticket to the hippest Canadian city and enjoy the European vibe right at home.

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