Buying a Dream Home in Latin America is Easier & Safer than Ever!


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Retiring to a paradise destination, in year-round warm climates is possible, easy and safe, with the help of Livtopia International Real Estate Services.

Livtopia a US based Real-Estate Company is making foreign buyers happy in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica and Dominican Republic by making the buying process transparent.

Livtopia looks after the buyers’ interests at no added cost while offering a large inventory of properties for all budgets and a wide array of real estate services.

Free Real Estate Tours in beautiful major destinations give customers the opportunity to visit and learn. This is just the beginning of the way Livtopia’s professional staff caters to every clients needs.

Livtopia Opens Latin American Real Estate Marketplace
With the opening of Real Estate Marketplaces across Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean more foreigners, especially Canadians, are choosing vacation and full-time retirement in these idyllic places.

Though many of the most popular countries are actively providing incentives for foreign retirees, especially those from Canada, regulations and procedures governing sales and property transfers still constitute a major obstacle for those considering moving abroad.

Livtopia hosts foreign buyers on Free Weekend Real Estate Tours where the emphasis is always on the needs of the buyer.

Every Free Tour includes the chance to meet face to face, local professionals to do the paperwork, legally and with full transparency, which gives clients a full understanding of the steps involved when purchasing a property abroad.

Local law and procedure is a big part of what foreign buyers expect to learn at any free weekend. Three days is enough to learn about local healthcare, insurance and even about getting the lights turned on. But getting full-service throughout the real estate buying process is a step well above what other agents offer.

Livtopia will lower the risk and ease the buying process for any buyer. That is why more and more people are choosing Livtopia as the full-service alternative.

Livtopia’s Concierge attention to detail, bi-lingual staff and high quality service is unmatched in the industry.

Free Weekend Tours in places like Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya in Mexico and in Guanacaste, Costa Rica will introduce retirees and potential vacation-homeowners to the fantastic destinations and key players they’ll need to know to relocate or to purchase with security and confidence. While none of the tours includes air-fare, all of the locations where Livtopia is showing homes this year are still surprisingly affordable and that’s part of what makes them so attractive.

Of course, the other thing is the weather; Livtopia´s major destinations boast the “perfect climate” for retirement part of the year or for year-round living. You can’t put a price on year-round sunshine.

Livtopia has Customer Service and Real Estate Agents based in Mexico and throughout Central America as well as in Canada. All of them can give you the details on the Free Weekend Real Estate Tours plus the agenda for these seminars. Remember you can visit anywhere at anytime and Livtopia staff will find that dream home you have been searching for.

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