The Zoomer Report: Tipping Primer

If you’re planning a trip soon, here’s a primer on something that varies from place to place – tipping.

At the hotel, doormen and bellhops should get $1 to $2 or the local equivalent per bag, and give $1 per person when taking a hailed cab. Tip housekeeping $2 to $5 per night. But leave it with a note, since most housekeepers aren’t allowed to touch money that’s lying out unattended.

Tipping in restaurants can get confusing. In many European countries a 10 to 15% service charge is added to the bill, but in Austria, France, and Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and Greece an additional 5 to 15% is expected. In Belgium, Italy, England and Ireland, you need only tip if there is no service charge. In Hong Kong, 10% is usually added to the bill, but also give a 5% cash tip to the server directly. Tipping is not a practice on the mainland. And in Japan, tipping is considered rude.

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