Fly-and-Buy with us!!!!! Paradise within reach boasts solid investment growth and tax incentives

Gentle ocean waves and dancing rays of sunlight on the water’s reflection stream through your bedroom window as you watch your investment grow!! With financial freedom and a pristine climate and ecology, you are spending your retirement years the way you’ve dreamt of an entire lifetime. All the while, your personal butler offers you coffee, as the unmistakable sound of your gardener’s sheers tell you your magnolias are receiving proper TLC. You’ve got just enough time for a dip in your private salt water pool before your chauffeur takes you downtown for an appointment at Johns Hopkins Cosmetic Institute. A 5-star lunch for six at a total under $200 will follow… Ahhhh….

Welcome to Paradise. Welcome to Panama. Welcome to your prosperous economic future.

Our Fly-and-Buy programs offer tours that are free upon deposit for a real estate purchase in Panama . We offer you personal access to all the important stops needed for you to decide where to begin your next – and best – chapter of life. Our tours introduce you to the hottest real estate inventory in Central America and offer opportunities to meet with government officials who will detail Panama’s economic stability.

This small piece of Central America glimmers, unaffected, like a beacon to investors and retirees around the world in times where financial uncertainty and global climate issues upstage each other for media headlines.

With a perfect climate of roughly 83 degrees year round, Panama is seeing an economic boom like no other. This massive growth has produced a secondary powerhouse for stability: real estate growth at unprecedented rates.

Global business leaders like 3M, Caterpillar, Dell, HP, and Proctor & Gamble have wasted no time relocating head offices to Panamanian soil, in response to aggressive tax incentives offered to foreign headquarter operations by a welcoming government. Low standard of living costs are an added attraction. While executives, middle management personnel and employees at all levels relocate are all scrambling for accommodations, the need for real estate inventory means that investors in current developments are bound to do well in both the short and long term.

Where retirees struggle in Canada and The United States to make ends meet on a pensioner’s salary on home soil , expats in Panama are enjoying an upgrade in lifestyle at roughly a quarter of their pension . With the extra money left behind, they’re hiring a personal maid, gardener, and chauffeur for roughly $250 each a month.

The Isthmus of Panama, at its narrowest point, is a 45-minute drive coast to coast from the Pacific to the Caribbean . Through Panama City ‘s Panama Canal (one of the world’s greatest engineering marvels) is a passage way for West to East trade, where up to $250,000 per entry, cargo and cruise ships sail through its lock systems in a tenth of the time it would take them to navigate around the southern shores of South America .

Surrounding this man-made world-wonder are lush, mountainous rainforests, that are home to Monkeys, several species of Parrots and Macaws, Tucans, Reptiles, Exotic Butterflies. Along the Caribbean shores some of the Caribbean’s best snorkeling opportunities offer thrill seekers a rainbow of coral and marine life in crystal clear waters so calm that beach houses are built on stilts with a mere two-foot clearance above the water line.

Royal LePageOn the Atlantic shores, World’s second largest international tax-free marketplace operates as a haven for businesses. This mercantile powerhouse, known as the Colon Free-Zone, increases profit margins for manufacturers while their goods are enroute to the more heavily taxed regions of the Western Hemisphere. Both the 5.25-million dollar expansion of the Panama Canal and the rock solid existence of the Colon-Free Zone, position Panama’s economy is, if not totally impervious to world economic fluctuations, one of the most prosperous and stable in the world.

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