How vacations reduce stress

Job issues, career paths, mortgages, debt and gas prices are some of the leading causes of stress effecting people around the world today. Vacations are very important to our physical and mental well being.

Whether the vacation is a weekend getaway or a full two-week vacation from everything stressful, make the most of it by doing nothing. Pay your bills before leaving home so you don’t have to worry about calling or going online to pay them while trying to relax. That’s the purpose of a vacation – to get away from it all. On the beach or an amusement park ride is not a good place for a cell phone or blackberry, leave those at home.


Sunshine can improve one’s mood, ward off depression, aid in sleep and even improve your sex life. Not only does the sun provide the skin with a healthy glow, it provides nutrients that essentially have a positive effect on many areas of life. Moderate sun exposure can raise vitamin D levels, reduces stress and helps our bodies recover from jet lag more quickly.

Fresh Air

Many people spend far more time indoors than outdoors. Sometimes this is not by choice. Demanding work or class schedules are leading reasons people spend most of their time indoors. Fresh air helps cleans our lungs better than any air purifier system available on the market today. Having the ability to breathe more easily increases the amount of oxygen provided to our cells. Increased oxygen means increased energy to do the things we need or want to do.

Play Time

Most adults do not take the time to play and enjoy themselves. Vacations provide a great opportunity to just let go and enjoy your time, whether on the beach or a theme park tour. Adults often ask how children have so much energy. Often the answer is simple, they take the time to play and enjoy life unlike their adult counterparts. The next time you take time for a vacation, make time to play and enjoy it.


Don’t stick to a normal schedule when you’re on vacation! It is your vacation, your time off. Go to bed late and sleep late, enjoy breakfast in the afternoon or dinner at midnight. Be creative when planning one day to the next. Plan activities you enjoy. Don’t be worried about what others may think of your creative efforts, just enjoy your vacation.


Vacations provide many forms of freedom; freedom from the 9 to 5, the commute, the office and best of all perhaps freedom from your alarm clock. Vacation time means no stressful schedule to maintain. Plan your vacation but do not make daily plans that take you out of your realm of relaxation. Vacation plans should include things you enjoy doing, not things you feel you need to do.


Brooks Gump, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology at Oswego said, ‘We concluded that skipping vacations could actually be dangerous to your health. Vacations have a protective effect because they help you reduce your load of stress, or at least allow you to take a break from the everyday stressors of the workplace.’

Researchers and doctors have assessed stress-related illnesses for years and the majority of them have come to the same conclusions; vacations are an essential part of maintaining good mental health as well as good physical health.

Vacation Locations Around the World

The British enjoy spending their vacation time in various locations in Spain and Europe. The Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Spain, Hungary and Italy are some of the more popular vacation destinations, and for winter time ski holidays too in France and Andorra. Low-cost airlines throughout Europe allow the opportunity for Europeans to plan shorter, more frequent vacations and weekend getaways.

Florida, the Caribbean and other coastal areas are some of North America’s most popular vacation destinations. Theme parks around the United States are great destinations for overnight or weekend getaways. Many adventurous vacations are also available throughout the United States.

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