Yangtze Journey

It’s no wonder the Chinese refer to the Yangtze as Chang Jiang ( long river) — at roughly 3900 miles, the Yangtze River is the third longest in the world. As you cruise this mighty waterway, you’ll get a sense not only of its monumental size, but also the role it has played in the country’s daily life over the centuries. Along the way you’ll see a land of contrasts, from traditional rural life to the modern marvel of the Three Gorges Dam.

As your ship sails by timeless rice paddies, quaint fishing villages and soaring limestone cliffs, you’ll do more than admire the scenery. You’ll be swept in by the country’s rich culture as you pass mountain peaks and rock formations where every charmingly fanciful name evokes a legend like
Dancing Rain from Heavenly Spring.

On the Yangtze’s Daning River tributary, you can take a side trip through the Lesser Three Gorges for a memorable adventure, with splashing turquoise water, terraced fields and towering canyon walls. You’ll also see the Hanging Coffins of the ancient Ba people, who disappeared some 400 years ago. On every Yangtze River Cruise vacation, you’ll experience a magnificent journey through the heart of China, with breathtaking sights, ancient treasures and modern wonders — a dazzling window to China’s past and intriguing of its future.

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