The ultimate fishing trip

Some of the best sportfishing is waiting for you on the MV Salmon Seeker in the Queen Charlotte Islands.

There are a few places in the world where you can go to experience the peak of a sport. Climbers go to the Himalayas, golfers go to Pebble Beach, and salmon fishermen go to the western Queen Charlotte Islands in British Columbia. We invite CARP members to experience the pinnacle of sportfishing with savings of up to 40% on select dates with Oak Bay Marine Group’s MV Salmon Seeker.

The Queen Charlottes, now known as Haida Gwaii, are a remote chain of islands off BC’s Pacific coast. They are the first land mass encountered by millions of migrating salmon en route to their natal streams in BC, Washington, Oregon and California.

The MV Salmon Seeker As you fly north along British Columbia’s west coast, civilization slips away and the MV Salmon Seeker comes into view. The MV Salmon Seeker is a floating fishing resort, angling paradise for just 28 anglers at a time.

Guests stay aboard the mothership and head out each day for some of the most exciting salmon (and halibut) fishing anywhere in the world. Double headers are pretty much hourly events, double digit mornings are expected, and average size is over 20 lbs. There are a heck of a lot of fish here.

In fact, over the past ten years 97% of MV Salmon Seeker guests have caught their limits of both salmon and halibut.

Catch of the dayOne of the reasons for the Salmon Seeker’s success is the remote location. You won’t see any other boats out here and the pressure on the fish stocks is virtually non-existent. Under the surface the sea floor has created the ideal topographic features for big halibut to congregate.

The other secret to success is the ship’s guides. Trips to the Salmon Seeker include an experienced guide who can do as much or as little as the guest would like. These guides live and breathe the rhythms of the western Queen Charlottes and spend their rare days off testing out new fishing locations.

Even experienced anglers seem to enjoy having a guide. The Seeker’s guides can take anglers into more-exposed water than would normally be possible. And with a guide on the helm guests can simply focus on fish.

The MV Salmon Seeker sets sail every June and heads back home again in September. All-inclusive packages include round-trip flights from Vancouver, accommodation, full days of guided fishing, top quality equipment, gourmet meals and professional catch care. They also include the MV Salmon Seeker’s salmon guarantee.

Select trips are currently available for up to 40% for a limited time. See the latest catch reports and photos at or call 1-800-663-7090 for more information.