Living Pura Vida in Costa Rica!

Chances are… you’ve probably heard about, or you know someone that has moved to Costa Rica to retire. It’s not that unusual anymore, as thousands of Canadians and Americans are now living in Costa Rica full time. This amazing country is a mecca for nature lovers and people just wanting to have a better life. ‘Pura Vida’ the country’s motto simply translated, means “Pure Life” and the people living here are surely enjoying the freedom, beauty and celebration of life that living ‘Pura Vida’ describes.

This is a story of a couple that did just that, they moved to Costa Rica six years ago and are enjoying a dream lifestyle that would have taken many more years to achieve, if they had stayed in Canada. They both had busy demanding careers that were taking their toll, they wanted more freedom, more time for each other and just more… fun!They decided to search for a tranquil, rural area in a safe and affordable country with a great climate and after searching in a few different countries, they chose Costa Rica. Their names are Brian McLane and Mariel Castenada and they are now enjoying the comfort of their home and community in the mountains of Costa Rica and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

The name of their community is Altos de Antigua, it is located near the town of Santiago de Puriscal located 50 kilometers SW of the capital city of San José in the heart of the Central Valley. The Central Pacific beaches are 70 kilometers away, with three of Costa Rica’s National Parks (Manuel Antonio, Carara and La Cangreja) all close enough to visit on day trips. This central location is very convenient, as you can travel to the city for a day of shopping and trips to the airport — or take a scenic drive to the coast for a fun day at the beach.

Over the last 5 years, many of the lots here have sold, mostly through word of mouth and now there are only a few lots left. Because it was so successful, they decided to buy into another development, called Altos los Cafetales that is located in the same general area. This community was once a generations old coffee plantation and features wide open views of the valley, mature trees and small to medium sized lots at very affordable prices.

Both communities are mountain properties, where spring-like temperatures stay constant (in the mid 70’s), year-round. Spectacular views are everywhere, it’s safe, peaceful and comfortable, but most of all – it’s very affordable to live here long term. Living ‘like a local’ is the best way to experience the real Costa Rica. By living where the locals live, eating where the locals eat and shopping where they shop, you can live a very good lifestyle, for a lot less than what it would cost in Canada or in the US. The Costa Rican people are happy, beautiful people and though we are ‘foreigners’ in their country, they have welcomed us with open arms and continue to show us how to live a simpler, happier more fulfilling life.

So if the idea of living nestled in a lush, green valley or on a coffee plantation in the mountains of Costa Rica sounds good to you too, we invite you to join us and share the dream of living Pura Vida in beautiful, amazing, spectacular Costa Rica!

We are offering guided tours of both of these properties starting in January 2012, visit our website for more details.

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