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Antarctica. The word itself evokes images of ice and penguins; thoughts of adventure and excitement. Today, Antarctica is more affordable than ever, with comfortable ships providing a safe base of exploration during your time on the White Continent.

Quark Expeditions has emerged as a leader in Polar Travel, with more than 20 years of experience operating cruises to the most remote corners of the planet. Quark operates the largest, most diverse fleet of ships in Antarctica, which are all maintained and staffed by teams with decades of experience.

This experience, combined with an impeccable safety record, ensures that any passenger on a Quark Expeditions voyage can enjoy a worry-free adventure to a destination that is often referred to as ‘indescribable’.

Smaller Ships Mean a More Intimate Experience
These expeditions take place on small ships carrying fewer than 200 people, which are all purpose-built for Polar travel. Some ships offer all-suite cabins and all-inclusive beverage options; while all ships offer plenty of space for dining, enjoying a drink at the bar or staring out at the ocean while out on deck. The choice is yours in determining what mix of comfort and adventure is perfect for you.

While the ships are your home-base in Antarctica, it is the scenery and wildlife that provide the entertainment. One day you may be dazzled by an immense tabular iceberg, the size of an apartment building. Another day may have you come within reaching distance of a curious whale while you’re out on a Zodiac cruise. The next day you may be walking on a beach alongside thousands of penguins and seals.

A bucket list destination for any nature lover or photographer, Antarctica cruises are unlike your traditional cruise. There are no fixed itineraries or carefully structured daily activities. There is always an element of adventure on a trip to Antarctica, as the wildlife and ice dictate where you’ll go and what you’ll see, making each and every voyage a unique experience.

This sense of adventure is something Quark Expeditions takes to heart. A chance sighting of humpback whales at 6am may mean an early start to your day. Wherever the action is, your experienced Quark team will guide you there, making sure you get the most out of each and every day.

Arriving in Antarctica is often an emotional moment for travellers. Everything is bigger, bolder and more dramatic in Antarctica. Your sense of time and scale gets warped by the enormity of the landscape and beautiful isolation. Some people cry, some people jump for joy. Indeed, it is a special place that must been seen to be understood.

More Accessible and More Affordable than Ever
Getting to Antarctica is now easier than ever with Quark Expeditions. With 11 different itineraries to choose from, travellers can spend as long as 20 days on an in-depth voyage to Antarctica and nearby islands like South Georgia and the Falklands. If time is precious, then the always popular Antarctic Explorer expedition is 12 days in length.

Innovation has always been a hallmark of the Antarctic journeys that Quark Expeditions offers. Traditional ship-only voyages are no longer your only option for getting to or from Antarctica. You can now fly to Antarctica! Cutting down on travel time by two or four days, these options allow you to join up with the ship in Antarctica, and fly rather than cruise across the Drake Passage.

Add in optional activities such as sea kayaking, camping and snowshoeing and you start to get an idea of how much fun you can have on an Antarctic cruise with Quark Expeditions.

Starting at less than $5,000, these wildlife journeys to Antarctica are more affordable than ever before. To choose your own Antarctic cruise or learn more, contact Quark Expeditions.

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