Journeywoman: The First Solo Journey

I always advice women to take their first solo journey within their own country. Canada promises wonderfully diverse experiences and a mosaic of cultures to explore. There are no borders to contend with and no new money systems to learn. This frees a journeywoman to concentrate fully on gleaning new solo travel tricks and simply having fun.

First, it’s just plain smart to start small. That means short overnight jaunts with stays in bed and breakfasts or small hotels. A train trip from Toronto to Ottawa for the Tulip Festival is a perfect example of a starter getaway. Worried about eating out on your own? Consider a Quebec City homestay to improve your French language skills where there are no solitary suppers to contend with. Instead, you’ll eat meals with your adopted family, enjoying their company and learning to say “Pass the potatoes” en français.

And, come the warm weather months, lifelong learners will love a visit to EdVentures, a craft and culture summer school taking place in Fredericton. With everything from learning fashion designs for dolls to participation in an authentic quilting bee, solo travellers will soon forget they are alone.


Evelyn Hannon is the editor of, the largest online travel resource for women. Her newsletter connects 65,000 women worldwide.

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