A Travel Editor’s Essentials

Here, Zoomer travel editor Vivian Vassos shares her latest tips and tricks for your next trip


1 Make the flight smoother for your best friend with a pet carrier crafted so Rover can see out of the top – and you can see in to make sure all is well. And it’s regulation size, fitting easily under any airline seat. Petmate See & Fly Carrier, $90, www.amazon.ca

2 Studies show that while the sun ages your skin, the daily use of sunblock reduces the damage. Go a step further with clothing that offers SPF 50-plus. Canadian entrepreneur Heather McCartney has developed a range of clothing, from the pullover hoodie to sarongs and dresses, that provide safe and stylish sunning. Upon receiving the news that her father is being treated aggressively for Stage 3 melanoma, the Dragon’s Den winner also has a men’s line in the pipeline. Gabrielle hoodie in black, hot pink or white with reflective waterfall design on back, $99, UVCouture, www.uvcouture.com

3 If you’re like me, the active type that likes to shoot photos on the fly and carries everything in your pockets (you know who you are – you’re the one still drying out that iPod after an impromptu dip in the lake), try the Pentax WG-3 point-and-shoot camera. The industrial-chic body is “adventure-proof”  – that’s shock-, cold-, dust-, crush- and, yes, even waterproof. $300, www.amazon.ca