Savvy Traveller: Flying Tip

You made it to the airport early. Can you get on an earlier flight? Likely, you’ll have to pay a fee unless you shelled out upfront for a higher fare category. At WestJet, you’ll pay no fee with a Plus fare, but $50 to $59 in the Flex fare and $75 to $88.50 in Econo if you make the change at the airport.

At Air Canada, generally, a Latitude or Business Class (flexible) fare ticket can change for earlier flights at no charge. Same-day change fees in other classes range from $50 to $150 plus tax. Flying Air Canada RapidAir between Toronto and Montreal or Ottawa, you can stand by at the airport for earlier same-day flights at no charge except Tango class fares, even with an Aeroplan ticket.

At Porter, it’s no charge for an earlier or later flight with a Freedom fare if booked at the airport on the same route and same day. The same changes with Flexible fare are $75.