Snowbird Streamline: The New Travel Perk with Nexxus

Canada’s Nexus program, which allows plane passengers travelling between Canada and the U.S. to avoid immigration and customs line-ups by using kiosks, now has a new and welcome benefit.

Nexus members flying from the U.S. to Canada on Air Canada with specially marked boarding passes can go through a less rigorous TSA security lane. Shoes, belts and light jackets or outerwear don’t have to be removed. Laptops and litre-size plastic bag with 100 ml containers of liquids can remain in the carry-on. Since spring, the perk for Nexus members has been available on boarding passes issued at Air Canada’s check-in counter, but the airline expects it to be available this autumn on boarding passes on mobile devices or printed at home. Nexus members have the same privilege when travelling within the U.S., but the TSA preferred status must be indicated on boarding passes.

Both WestJet and Porter say they are interested in providing the service to Nexus members flying between the U.S. and Canada and hope to be able to offer it soon. Nexus membership, costing $50 for five years, is available by application at