Ride Into the Sunset

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Four sunny routes and the four perfect vehicles for them


The Drive: The Borderlands Discover landscapes – desert, grasslands and mountain ranges – that feel both cinematic and surreal. Above the Rio Grande and east of San Antonio, this drive takes you from Fort Stockton and heads southwest on Highways 67 and 90 to Big Bend National Park, familiar from films like No Country for Old Men and There Will be Blood.

The Ride 2015 GMC Canyon It just feels right to drive a pickup truck through Texas, doesn’t it? General Motors’ all-new GMC Canyon mid-size truck offers rugged capabilities along with refined comforts, perfect for a drive through the Lone Star trails.


The Drive: Pacific Coast Highway The most scenic stretch of highway in America, Route 1 in California takes you through cliff-hugging twists and turns along an unsurpassed view of the Pacific Ocean. Take the north-south trip from Monterey to Morro Bay, stopping at the magnificent Big Sur and the Bixby Bridge.

The Ride 2015 Ford Mustang You’ll want to ride in a classic muscle car (top down, of course) as you drive the Cali coast. Now entering its 50th year, Ford’s redesigned Mustang has power to spare and better handling ability, a definite must when you’re navigating this spectacular cliffside drive.


The Drive: Florida Keys Be prepared to stop every minute to snap a shot on this scenic drive. Starting from the mainland and heading south along Highway 1 – a.k.a. Overseas Highway – you’ll cross more than 40 bridges and experience incredible views of the Atlantic and its myriad of islands and wildlife.

The Ride 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Gorgeous, powerful and nimble – this Jag is perfect for a jaunt through the Keys. Designed by Ian Callum (revered for his Aston Martin Vanquish and Jaguar XJ), it boasts a stylish exterior, 550 HP engine and superb handling abilities.


The Drive: The Old West

Start in Tucson and follow the southeastern path that takes you along the Old Spanish Trail and down toward Bisbee near the Mexican border. The drive not only exposes you to this southern part of Arizona, but it also shows off awe-inspiring canyons and mountains – a true taste of America’s Old West.

The Ride 2015 Subaru Forester 2.0XT Put Subaru’s famed all-wheel-drive system to work with the Forester. This hard-working utility vehicle will power you through mountain passes and provide all the room you need to make it a comfortable ride.