It’s not enough to rely on a hotel’s security measures.

Travellers understand that reputable hotels do their utmost to ensure their guests’ safety. However, as female guests, we can’t rely simply on hotels’ security measures. We, too, need to remain vigilant. It may be as simple as asking a hotel employee to park the car in the underground lot at night for you. Here, more tried-and-true ways to remain a savvy traveller.

1. Be social media-savvy

While it’s fun to tell your friends on Facebook that you’re enjoying a wonderful hotel stay, be sure that your settings don’t allow thieves to be reading this information as well. The best way to ruin a holiday is to come back to a burglarized house. Save all your announcements and photo postings for when you are safely and soundly home.

2. Stay gender-neutral

When registering at a hotel online, keep your gender a secret. Skip the Ms. or Mrs. in front of your name. Register with your first initial and surname.

3. Location, location, location

Request a change of your room if you feel it is necessary. Never accept ground floor rooms that have access via a balcony or fire escape. The end of a long, isolated corridor should be avoided. A room too close to an elevator or exit offers criminals an easy getaway.

4. Expect discretion

Once your room has been assigned, make sure that the desk clerk never says your room number out loud. Potential criminals stationed in the area wait for just these breaches of security. Avoid giving your hotel room number, even to associates if you are travelling on business. Simply suggest you’ll meet them in the hotel lobby.

5. Be your own security advocate

Ensure all windows and doors can be bolt-locked from the inside and can’t be unlocked with a regular pass key. But be proactive and inquire whether the room can always be opened by hotel staff in case of a medical emergency or other dangerous situation.

6. Be diligent

Even if someone identifies himself as security, never open your door. Instead, ask their name and call the front desk to verify that they are indeed who they say they are.

7. Be aware

There’s no harm relaxing in the lounge, but drink moderately and never leave your beverage unattended. Social deviants may drop in date rape drugs, leaving you completely vulnerable to be preyed on. On the positive side, there is now a product to test your own drink and foil these wrong-doers. Go to

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