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Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind. - Toni Morrison

Top of the charts / After combing recent bestseller lists in Canada and the U.S., we bring you 10 titles that are flying off the shelves.



Driven to bring his family from war-torn South Sudan to America, a rising basketball star plays for his life – and theirs.

2The Rose Code

Three Englishwomen’s lives are irrevocably altered at Bletchley Park, where they decipher encrypted German messages

3The Last Thing He Told Me

After Hannah Hall’s husband disappears, she and her standoffish stepdaughter must work together to figure out what happened.

421st Birthday

Detective Lindsay Boxer vows to protect a young woman from a serial killer until her 21st birthday.

5Project Hail Mary

An astronaut awakens to find he is the sole survivor on a space ship in this interstellar adventure.

6While Justice Sleeps

A young legal clerk is given power of attorney for a Supreme Court judge in this legal thriller from the U.S. politician.

7That Summer

A married mom meets a glamorous career woman through misdirected emails, but their connection may not be serendipitous.

8The Midnight Library

If limbo was a library and a book could alter your life’s trajectory, this is what it would look like

9Find You First

A tech millionaire tries to tracks down the kids he fathered through a sperm bank, but, one by one, they start to vanish.

10People We Meet on Vacation

Estranged best friends try to mend their differences on a one-week summer holiday in a rom-com from the queen of banter.


The practice of fact-checking everything from urban myths to former U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets has become de rigueur. Then there are those who expose and correct quotations from some of literature’s finest writers. So when the U.K.’s Westminster Collection announced it was releasing some 50-pence coins commemorating Alice in Wonderland, the editor of the London-based Lewis Carroll Review was on high alert. “Misattributed Alice quotes are absolutely everywhere,” Franziska Kohlt told The Guardian. She confirmed two coins were incorrect; the White Rabbit did not say “The hurrier I go, the behinder I get” and the Mad Hatter never uttered “I’m under no obligation to make sense to you.” On this side of the Atlantic, an American with the pen name Garson O’Toole runs the Quote Investigator website. He told NPR radio that Mark Twain is one of the most misquoted authors he sees, and even corrected a quote attributed to Franz Kafka written by author Anne Rice in an introduction to a collection of Kafka stories. “Many of these quotations are cultural landmarks,” O’Toole explained. “It's a lot of fun to uncover these hidden histories, and I'm also very glad when I get to give credit to the person who actually said it." So next time you Google a quote, you might want to ensure you’re not putting words into famous author’s mouths or books.