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>Prince Harry Will Publish a Memoir in Late 2022Harry says he's writing the book "not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become."


Let's be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading. - Lena Dunham

Top of the charts / After combing recent bestseller lists in Canada and the U.S., we bring you 10 titles that are flying off the shelves.


1A Slow Fire Burning

After a man is murdered on his London houseboat, three women burn bright with motive and opportunity.

2Billy Summers

A killer for hire who only murders bad guys wants out of the business, but his last hit goes sideways.

3The Last Thing He Told Me

After Hannah Hall’s husband disappears, she and her standoffish stepdaughter must work together to figure out what happened.

4The Noise

The U.S. government scrambles to find the source of a killer noise that fells everyone but two young girls near Portland, Ore.

5The Madness of Crowds

Inspector Gamache protects a professor whose abhorrent theories spread like the pandemic in Three Pines.

6Fight Night

A precocious nine-year-old girl is grounded by her grandmother, who knows how to fight for love and survival.

7Five Little Indians

Five survivors of a remote, church-run, residential school in B.C. struggle to overcome the trauma they endured.

8Not a Happy Family

A rich couple are murdered following an Easter dinner with their three kids, all of whom stand to inherit millions.


One fateful night unfurls at a luxe Parisian hotel, which changes the lives of several of its upper-crust guests.

10The Paper Palace

After an affair, a middle-aged woman has to decide if her heart belongs to her husband or a long-time love.


On the 700th anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death, the past caught up to the present when a Florentine nun and researcher uncovered what is believed to be one of the medieval Italian poet’s manuscripts, and U.S. comic-book artist George Cochrane published the first handwritten and illustrated copy of the Divine Comedy since the 15th century. While it took Dante 13 years to write his allegorical masterpiece, it took Cochrane seven to produce a copy of the poem in which Dante imagines a pilgrim travelling through hell, purgatory and paradise on a quest to understand salvation. Meanwhile, the contents of the sheaf of papers in Dante’s handwriting found in Florence and the Vatican are more mundane: As a student in Florence, his mentor dictated texts on the art of government, which he had to put to paper. She described the handwriting as “school-boy like” and “covers the idea of ethical government, which later showed up in the Comedy.”