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Photo: Courtesy of George's Whitsable Stores
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Collectors Corner: Royal Memorabilia, Part Two

BY Viia Beaumanis | May 31st, 2022

Here, part two of a long list of lovely and oh, so regal keepsakes for monarchy fans. Some of these choices are a bit more cheeky and fun, and definitely wallet-friendly, of which we think Her famously frugal Majesty would approve.

1. Break out the bunting — what could be more British? — with this cheeky garland ($26) festooned with the many heads of the head of state, this classic vintage style ($11) or alternating Queens and corgis strung on satin Union Jack ribbon ($26).

2. Blimey! Masks might not be the thing of the past as we’d all hoped. But silver linings, Queenie’s got you covered with this cheery Warhol-style edition ($19) to help you grin and bear it — like she would.

3. A woman of the people, there’s a Queen T-shirt for every taste —  punky pop art ($26), sporty prep ($29), flower power ($25), picture perfect ($14). Or spruce up a jacket or jeans with this well embroidered iron-on patch of a 1950s-era Elizabeth ($8.50)

4. Jubilee bijoux! Pin on a glittering crown brooch ($21), slip one into an updo as a hair ornament or level up with an official Buck House diamante tiara ($155 to $250).

5. Dab an elegant fragrance behind your ears. Rumour has it the Queen’s signature scent is Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue, which she’s said to have chosen for her wedding and worn ever since. Created more than a century ago, it was inspired by “the very moment when the sun disappears … and the sky is painted with night’s velvet.” that’s an unexpectedly sexy pick for our famously proper monarch, it’s also the favourite of the rather more risqué Catherine Deneuve.


Photo: Courtesy of George’s Whitsable Stores


6. Complete ‘Our Glorious Queen,’ a 1,000-piece puzzle ($26) composed of various portraits of HRH. From the Classics Collection at George Whitestable, it’s been re-issued for 2022. Keen on a quicker pastime? Play Queen City Rum with Queen cards ($5) or test your royal  wits with the royal quiz game, Jubilee Jamboree ($10), wearing silly paper crowns ($8 for 10).

7. Get Fido in on the fun. The dog-loving Queen’s Royal Collection includes a big assortment of goodies for pups, from squeaky rubber crown toys ($8) to jaunty bow ties ($21) — and a few things for cats.

8. Now 96, the Queen gave up daily drinking last year — a miracle sacrifice in light of what her offspring have put her through recently. Why not have one of her former favourites in her honour? No shortage of choice in raising a glass to Her Majesty, she enjoyed “bone-dry” martinis, gin and Dubonnet cocktails, had wine with dinner and a flute of champagne before bed. And you can order the Queen’s exclusive new gin ($65), along with bubbly ($72), wine ($32) and more, from Buckingham Palace’s Royal Collection. Cheers! All Hail the Queen!


Photo: Royal Collection Trust  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2022


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