Introducing Zoomer Magazine App

Take Zoomer magazine’s digital edition with you wherever you go! It’s free with your print subscription. You can access current issues, bonus content, and previous issues dating back to April, 2015. All the content you love – accessible on your favourite device, tablet or smartphone – from wherever you are!

Access the digital edition of Zoomer on the Zoomer App:

Step 1:
If you are a print subscriber already, your digital edition is free. If you are not a subscriber yet, subscribe here.

Step 2:
Visit Zoomer’s online self-serve portal at

  • If you don’t have an account yet, register first with email and password. (If an email was provided when you ordered your subscrition, please use the same email here.)
  • If you already have an account, just sign in.

Step 3:
Once signed in at, look for the box that says “Magazine Subscription Information”. Click on “Zoomer Digital Products” from the left navigation bar. Turn the button “Access Free Digital Edition” to ON. When you have activated your free digital edition, a notification will be sent via email advising you of your Zoomer app log-in credentials.

Step 4:
You can access the Zoomer magazine app through:  Apple Store, Apple News+, Google Play and Desktop.

Step 5:
Congratulations! You have completed step 1-4. You are ready to access your free digital edition!

How to access your free digital subscription:

  1. Open the app by selecting it on your phone or tablet
  2. In the Zoomer app, select “Sign In” (right bottom corner)
  3. Choose “Print + Digital Subscriber”

  1. Select “Sign In” and enter your email or account number (same email associated with your subscription). You will be prompted to enter password (that you were emailed with your log in credentials).
  2. Download the latest issue and access back issues by clicking the three dots under each issue and click download.

Note: You may change the password at any time. Your login email can only be changed in your account

For customer service support regarding the Zoomer app (or any concerns logging in), please contact our partner (Zinio app support) at [email protected]

How to sign out of the Zoomer App:

Click on the 3 lines in the left upper corner. Select sign out button at the bottom of the screen.

We hope you enjoy the Zoomer magazine digital edition!