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It’s Never Too Late … Learn A Musical Instrument

Music tames the savage soul, or so they say. If you’ve never taken up a musical instrument before, now might be the time. Learning a musical...Read More»

What Retirement? Sun Life Survey Indicates Most Will Work Past Age 66

An annual survey of Canadians by Sun Life reveals 60 per cent of respondents will be working at the age of 66. Thirty-two per cent said they’ll...Read More»

Toronto Maple Leafs: Is losing really “unacceptable”?

“Unacceptable” is a word you’ll hear a lot these days if you’re a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan. The term is frequently tossed around by...Read More»
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Your Pet’s Health: Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Those big brown eyes can melt your heart, but they can't tell you if something is wrong. Some signs are obvious -- like a wound or lump -- but...Read More»

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Book Club

From the famed Bloomsbury set to tales of betrayal, brutality of war and multi-generational riffs to romantic love lost and found again, these...Read More»

John B. Fairchild, one of the fashion world’s most acerbic, powerful and provocative editors, died Friday at age 87, after a lengthy...Read More »


The passing of Leonard Nimoy struck a chord with not only "trekkies" around the world, but with those who appreciated him for his wisdom and kind...Read More »


Looking back at Leonard Nimoy's life....Read More »


Researchers at Michigan State University advise us that settling for ‘Mr. Right Now’ is the evolutionary strategy humans prefer over waiting...Read More »

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Royal Flush Friday: Duke of Cambridge pays respect to British prisoners of war

Britain's Duke of Cambridge paid his respects to British prisoners of war killed in Japan at a Commonwealth War Graves cemetery outside of...Read More»

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Prince William welcomed to Japan

Britain's Prince William was welcomed to Japan with a ceremonial shower of water. The 32-year-old royal touched down in the capital city of Tokyo...Read More»

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Prince William passes air transport pilot exams

Britain's Prince William is to start work as an air ambulance helicopter pilot in the summer. The 32-year-old royal has passed a "rigorous" set...Read More»


Get In Shape? No Sweat for Centenarian Fitness Instructor

A Minnesota woman celebrated her 100th birthday in early January, surrounded by friends at the senior’s residence where she lives. Also, she...Read More»


EZ Beauty: How To Do a Bold Lip

What's sexier than a bold, red lipstick?...Read More»

Zoom In: Body, Mind and Spirit

In this edition of Zoom In we speak to experts about living a healthy lifestyle as it relates to...Read More»

Ride Into the Sunset

Four sunny routes and the four perfect vehicles for...Read More»
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John B. Fairchild, one of the fashion world’s most acerbic, powerful and provocative editors, died Friday at age 87, after a lengthy...Read More»


Read Ken Hegan’s interview of the actor, which appeared in the November  2011 issue of Zoomer. --- The living legend is still at the...Read More»


On February 24, 2015, Magazines Canada, the national magazine association representing Canadian magazines since 1973, and The Circulation...Read More»


Here, 5 ways to embrace the...Read More»


You don't need long hair in order to have red carpet appeal. Nicole Kidman and her newly-cropped, shoulder-length bob (also known as the "lob")...Read More»


Stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds – is there a perfect RRSP security? There has been a lot of debate over what types of investments should go...Read More»

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