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It’s Never Too Late … Learn a Foreign Language

As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn another language. Yet, as a result of the Internet, advancing software and new...»

Q&A: Drawing Retirement Money

Which money should come out first – registered or non-registered...»

Ray Rice Terminated: Hold Your Applause for the Ravens

NFL player Ray Rice hit his wife almost eight months ago. This week (Sept. 8, 2014), the Baltimore Ravens – the team that initially...»
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10 Simple Ideas For One, Multi-Generational Home

Most of us start life depending on our parents to take care of us. But as they age, chances are the roles will reverse. Luckily many...»

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Book Club

Today comes the announcement of the twelve Canadian writers...»

The First Lady of Canadian Literature, Margaret Atwood, joins Zoomer’s Mike Crisolago to discuss the difference between “stories” and “tales,” short fiction’s Canadian appeal, and whether she ever imagined she'd have a beer named in her... »


If there's one thing missing from the timeless music of Johann Sebastian Bach, it's... »


On a guest ranch in Saskatchewan, David Lasker saddles up for a soul-salving... »


Dear Hillary, Please, please run for president. I’m making this plea not only because I’ll feel safer in this messy world if you’re in charge. And not just because I want my American granddaughters to grow up knowing they can be presidents as well as princesses. Hillary, I’m pleading with you to run for the presidency for your sake as well as mine. Because, take it from me, Hil, being... »

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Queen Elizabeth’s horse Estimate wins Doncaster Cup

Queen Elizabeth's horse Estimate won the Doncaster Cup...»

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Duchess Camilla recalls brother’s death

Britain's Duchess Camilla has spoken for the first time...»

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Duchess of Cornwall pays tribute to brother at memorial service

Britain's Duchess of Cornwall paid tribute to her brother...»

Kiss Photo

Times Square Kiss Redux: Featuring Second World War Vet and Wife

The Second World War ended 69 years ago, but that didn’t...»


Dish Up: Book Club Appetizers and Cocktail

Easy and delicious appetizers and a...»

DISH UP: Cooking with Coconut Oil

It's become very popular and for very...»

Protect yourself against phishing attacks

The crooks have developed some very...»
Zoomer Marketplace

Today comes the announcement of the twelve Canadian writers...»


From the season’s big novels and historical sagas to sizzling short...»


A reader asks how expenses are calculated on funds of...»


September is Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. Here, 6 tips to get...»


Tired of your rotation of recipes? Feel like you’re in a cooking...»


When Toronto’s landmark Eaton Chelsea Hotel on Gerrard reopened on...»

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Poppies pour out of the Tower of London in commemoration of of WWI soldiers. Follow us on Twitter for up-to-the-minute news you can use. »

Isn't it ironic? George Harrison's memorial tree was destroyed by beetles! See what our Facebook fans had to say about it. »

What was your style like in the 60s? Take a walk down memory lane with us as we pin some of the most nostalgic images on the web. »

Can a smart, single woman over 60 find male friends online? Our community is buzzing with discussion - have your say on the topic now! »