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It’s Never Too Late… Write Your Memoir

Memoir-writing is not for the meek. Once you begin, you start to realize the enormity of capturing the essence of your story. Nevertheless, if...Read More»

Q&A: Finding A Financial Adviser

This retired couple have more than half a million to invest but can’t find anyone that’s interested in helping. Q – My husband and I are...Read More»

Steve Nash: Canada’s greatest hoopster retires

Steve Nash, Canada’s greatest basketball player and future hall-of-famer, has announced that he will retire from the NBA, ending a...Read More»
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10 Myths About Your Pet

You've probably heard it before: A wagging tail means a friendly dog. Cats and babies don't mix. Table scraps are bad. But are these so-called...Read More»

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Book Club

Hot off the press! From monsters in a Scottish village during the Second World War to a modern-day “Rear Window” and a timeless tale of love...Read More»

Strong performances and a simple narrative about a boy striving for personal redemption and the choirmaster who pushes him propel this film to its...Read More »


HAZAROS SURMEYAN, a 72-year-old character dancer with the National Ballet, knows all about working for a younger boss. And he can say it all in...Read More »


Getting older? There’s a silver lining: #GrannyHair is trending—for both the young and the young at...Read More »


I’ve watched Dustin Hoffman for 47 years, from The Graduate to his latest movie, American Boychoir, so I know that when he twitches his mouth,...Read More »

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Britain’s Prince William begins air ambulance training

Britain's Prince William has begun his training to become an East Anglian Air Ambulance pilot. The 32-year-old royal will work with Bond Air...Read More»

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Britain’s Queen Elizabeth to visit the Bishop of Sheffield

Britain's Queen Elizabeth will visit the Bishop of Sheffield this week for the Maundy Thursday service (02.04.15). According to the Bishop of...Read More»

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Benedict Cumberbatch: Richard III burial was extraordinary

Benedict Cumberbatch says the reburial of Richard III was "extraordinary". The 38-year-old actor - who is the king's third cousin, 16 times...Read More»


Get In Shape? No Sweat for Centenarian Fitness Instructor

A Minnesota woman celebrated her 100th birthday in early January, surrounded by friends at the seniors residence where she lives. Also, she...Read More»


Comrags Fall 2015 Collection

Cult Canadian label, Comrags, kicked off Toronto Fashion Week with a fall 2015 collection that celebrated all the stylish signatures fans of the...Read More»

DISH UP! Chicken Wings with Crudite and Lemon Lime Dip

These easy-to-make chicken wings are great for game day or when feeding a group. This recipe includes a cool and zesty lemon-lime...Read More»

Keep pace with your tech-savvy workmates

If your workplace is chock full of gadget-laden millennials, you’ll want to avoid the perception that you’re a clued-out older web surfer....Read More»
Zoomer Marketplace

It's not enough to rely on hotels' security measures. Here, 7 hotel safety tips for the savvy traveller Travellers understand that reputable...Read More»


Where are germs lurking in your home? Here, some top germ hotspots -- and ways to banish the bad bugs We can't avoid having some germs in our...Read More»


When did eating become so complicated? Today we have access to more diet and nutrition information than ever before. The bad news? A lot of the...Read More»


Steeped in music. The song of the south in the Appalachian...Read More»


Selected stocks provide big returns for those who are prepared to take some...Read More»


Here’s how to tell...and what you can do about...Read More»

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