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It’s Never Too Late … Take Up A New Hobby

We pursue hobbies because they fulfill a need that we wish to address. The billiard player might have an inner love of geometry, or of Newton’s...Read More»

Q&A: Investment Advice in Retirement

A reader wants to know: Who should manage his money in...Read More»


Because it's a slow time in all sports, we'll use the opportunity to add our own hot air to the ridiculous Deflategate Scandal. And if Rosie...Read More»
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When to Let Friendships Go

Is it time to move on? Here, letting go of friendships that no longer...Read More»

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Book Club

Lust, loneliness and love gone wrong are common themes in this diverse collection of stories from Rose Tremain, who at age 71 is still putting pen...Read More»

This Sunday is likely the hardest day for those of us trying our hardest to stick to our new year's diet resolution. Visit any Super Bowl party...Read More »


Gone are the days when only our neighbours to the south could watch the high-budget, highly-entertaining Super Bowl ads – thanks Internet! Click...Read More »


James Middleton admits being Britain's Duchess Catherine's brother is "frustrating". The 27-year-old entrepreneur - who runs a personalised...Read More »


He greeted me wearing a blue bathrobe and an amused smile and led me through the corridor to a private room. I, too, was wearing a robe over my...Read More »

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Prince Andrew returns to UK public life

Britain's Prince Andrew made his first UK public appearance since being embroiled in a sex scandal yesterday (29.01.15). The 54-year-old royal -...Read More»

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Prince Andrew testify bid fails

A second attempt to have Britain's Prince Andrew testify under oath has failed. Lawyers acting for Virginia Roberts - who claims she had sex with...Read More»

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Prince Charles’ Middle East tour

Britain's Prince Charles will undertake a tour of the Middle East next month. The 66-year-old prince - who was in Saudi Arabia last week for the...Read More»


Get In Shape? No Sweat for Centenarian Fitness Instructor

A Minnesota woman celebrated her 100th birthday in early January, surrounded by friends at the senior’s residence where she lives. Also, she...Read More»


Zoom In: Body, Mind and Spirit

In this edition of Zoom In we speak to experts about living a healthy lifestyle as it relates to...Read More»

Zoom In: Technology

In this edition of Zoom In we speaks to experts about the world of technology as it relates to...Read More»

Ride Into the Sunset

Four sunny routes and the four perfect vehicles for...Read More»
Zoomer Marketplace

Down! Set! Hut! Football season is coming to a close and we here at Bite Me More are ace armchair quarterbacks, here to help you serve up...Read More»


It should be no surprise to anyone that Jennifer Lopez, a star with a stellar fashion sense, is launching a new jewellery...Read More»


Benadryl, that over-the-counter antihistamine used by so many during allergy season and as a sleep aid because of its welcome side effect of...Read More»


Depression in boomer men has become a silent epidemic. It’s time we give it a voice. Research shows Canadian middle-aged men now represent...Read More»


If you live in the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, family or group travel during March Break just got a whole lot easier. Big White Ski...Read More»


Leonard Cohen, Bryan Adams, Jann Arden, and Molly Johnson are among the big name boomer contenders for the 2015 Juno...Read More»

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