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It’s Never Too Late … Learn a Foreign Language

As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult to learn another language. Yet, as a result of the Internet, advancing software and new...»

Call Us Boomers or Pensioners, We’re Valuable Consumers

We’re not all the same. That’s not a politically incorrect message. It’s a message about marketing to older...»

LeBron to Cleveland: Mea Culpa

In a move that stunned basketball fans, LeBron James has announced he will be returning to his old team, the Cleveland...»

Pricing Pets: The Cost of Pet Ownership

If you're looking to bring a new dog or cat into the household, here are the numbers you'll need to factor in   Initial...»

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Book Club

From romantic romps and historical sagas to a cultural study of...»

2014 marks the centenary of the start of the First World War. Here, Vivian Vassos shares, in the first part of a four-part series, how England remembers Part I: Imperial War Museum, London As you enter the museum’s atrium, there’s no doubt in the subject matter: a Harrier jet hangs overhead cheek by jowl with an RAF spitfire fighter and a V2 Rocket,... »


This reader's friends are worried the CPP will run out of money. Could they be right? Q – I am a boomer in my late 50s. I have heard a lot about CPP payments from my friends. Some of them have decided to apply for their CPP at 60 instead of 65 because they feel the fund may be gone soon or fear the government may cancel such payments in the near... »


Hollywood actor James Garner, most recently known for his role in The Notebook, has passed away. According to reports, an ambulance found Garner in his Los Angeles home on Saturday around 8 p.m. The veteran actor with a six-decade career has a long list of roles on television and in film including The Children's Hour, The Great Escape, The Thrill of... »


Lists of what Canadians love best about this country abounded this month. Sure, I love butter tarts. I also love the way the wheat fields glow at summer’s end against the blue prairie sky. And I love the CBC for broadcasting every single World Cup game and the Stanley Cup playoffs in Punjabi. But here’s what I love most about Canada: free IVs, free stitches in the emergency room, free Percocet, even free... »

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Prince George turns one

Britain's Prince George has turned one today...»

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Kanye West makes celebrity speech

Kanye West used his wedding speech to talk about how...»

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Kelly Rowland having a boy?

Kelly Rowland has fuelled speculation she is expecting a...»


Man Bends Fiery Car’s Door With Bare Hands to Save Driver

It turns out there may be a real-life Superman among us,...»

Zoomer Marketplace

Safety First

Crash! My head snaps back at the sound....»

DISH UP: French Toast with Tropical Fruit

French toast is traditionally served...»

Behind the Cover: The Roots Founders

True North: Watch our behind-the-scenes...»

We are giving away tickets to see Priscilla Presley and Christopher...»


When summer fun becomes unhealthy. Here, what to look out for and how...»


Rod Stewart is moving back to the UK after almost 40 years. The...»


The lights of the Great White Way will dim this evening in honour of...»


We look at the celluloid portrayals of freedom fighter, Nelson...»


Off the beaten path. As the world marks the centennial of the First...»

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