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Inspired by Her Grandchildren, Carol Novis Publishes Her First Book

Winnipeg-born Carol Novis always knew she wanted to write and publish a book of fiction. She just didn’t know it would be a fairy...»

Top 15 Retirement Hot Spots for Real Estate Investing

A round-up of the best cities for retirement real estate...»

Toronto Blue Jays’ post-season dreams slip-sliding away

The Toronto Blue Jays' post-season dreams are fading fast – just as baseball's all-important stretch-run approaches. With last...»
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ASK COLETTE: “Madly in Love, But the Cat Has to Go!”

Here, intuitive coach Colette-Baron Reid on recovering from a failed marriage - and the pitfalls of falling for a new man too...»

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Book Club

She’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s way too outspoken -- and like...»

We round up some of the best dressed Zoomers that rocked the evening with their sartorial... »


It's a good thing Hugh Jackman listens to his wife. Here, the skinny on a nasty skin cancer and the importance of early... »


Last Chance! The work of Gloria Vanderbilt is on display in Toronto until Thursday. Here, Nolan Bryant speaks with the iconic artist and fashion... »


To:  Our American friends and neighbours (note the "u") Re: Your Burger King moving here to merge with our Tim Hortons   1.The co-founder of the chain of donut stores was a hockey player named Tim Horton, not Tim Hortons. But there is no apostrophe in the name of the chain. Canadians are funny that way. Our hockey team is the Maple Leafs. Not the Maple Leaves. Tim Horton played for the Maple Leafs for... »

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Britain’s Duchess of Cambridge to stay in Maltese Palace

Britain's Duchess of Cambridge's first solo tour itinerary...»

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Britain’s Prince Andrew feared for life in the Falklands

Britain's Prince Andrew feared for his life while he served...»

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Carole Middleton ‘embarrassed’ by family

Carole Middleton is "embarrassed" of her...»

Kiss Photo

Times Square Kiss Redux: Featuring Second World War Vet and Wife

The Second World War ended 69 years ago, but that didn’t...»


DISH UP: French Toast with Tropical Fruit

French toast is traditionally served...»

DISH UP: Party Planning

Charmaine shows us her tips for easy,...»

Death and Your Digital Legacy

We all grapple with the big question:...»

We have four good guesses for why Neil Young is filing for divorce...»


She’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s way too outspoken -- and like...»


Screen legend Richard Attenborough passed away yesterday at the age...»


Would you like a coffee with your Whopper Jr.? The social networks...»


What if you hosted a lavish summer barbecue bash and, after eating,...»


One in five Canadians is affected by mental health problems, yet it...»

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