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Inspired by Her Grandchildren, Carol Novis Publishes Her First Book

Winnipeg-born Carol Novis always knew she wanted to write and publish a book of fiction. She just didn’t know it would be a fairy...»

Q&A: RRSP Withdrawals

  Here, a reader worries about excessive taxes on her retirement savings.   Q – I would be grateful if you could answer...»
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Dr. Jean Marmoreo Finishes First In Boston Marathon – Again!

Zoomer blogger Jean Marmoreo, 70, of Toronto placed first among women age 70-74 in the Boston...»

Negotiating with Grandchildren

My grandchildren have known from a very early age that I'm a softie and they learned quickly they could use me to negotiate with their...»

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Two pieces of literature have so moved me that, upon finishing...»

What you’re doing right now is reducing your risk of getting depressed. Who would’ve guess that reading everythingzoomer.com could help ward off depression? The Journals of Gerontolgy report that spending time online has the potential to ward off depression among retirees, particularly among those who live alone. Researchers found that internet... »


If you notice a red carpet running between rows of grapes the next time you visit a Niagara winery, don’t be alarmed. It’s either the remnants of a really sloppy wine tasting, or the launch of the inaugural Niagara Integrated Film Festival (NIFF). Unveiled this morning at the TIFF Lightbox in downtown Toronto, NIFF – the brainchild of Toronto... »


Princess Diana's last ever letter could fetch £3,000 at auction. The note, which was written just two weeks before the Princess of Wales' untimely death in a car crash in Paris in August 1997, could command a tidy sum when it is sold by Birmingham auction house Fellows later this month. Diana wrote the moving letter - dated August 11, 1997 - to fellow... »


I wouldn’t waste a moment’s thought on it, but it seems to be the hot-button question of the moment in the ongoing debate on longevity. “Do you want to live to 120?” The Pew Research Center recently conducted extensive surveys on this question, as did CARP. “Research aimed at unlocking the secrets of aging is under way at universities and corporate labs, and religious leaders, bioethicists and... »

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Damon Albarn: Heroin was ‘agreeable’

Damon Albarn found heroin "very agreeable". The Blur...»

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Joan Rivers mocks Lindsay Lohan

Joan Rivers has poked fun at Lindsay Lohan's...»

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Justin Bieber reaches out to angry fans

Justin Bieber has apologised after he posed at a...»

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Couple Wins Lottery for the THIRD Time In Two Weeks

The next time someone tells you that your odds are about as...»

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Expert Makeup Tips from Tana D’Amico: Eyebrows

[jwplayer mediaid="337984"] Makeup...»
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On Set with Zoomer Magazine: Fine Vintages

[jwplayer mediaid="337987"] We go...»

April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month. Here, what you need to...»


Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine visited Uluru...»


Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 88th birthday this week (April 21)...»


Two pieces of literature have so moved me that, upon finishing...»


How much does that mutual fund really cost you? Q – I can't wrest...»


“I used to think parents should clean up their own mess before they...»

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