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Media Mogul Michael MacMillan Wants Your Nomination

If you know someone who deserves to be recognized for being active in the community -- including protesting -- Michael MacMillan wants...»

Wedged in a Sandwich

Being a caregiver to both our parents and grandchildren can be tricky. Grandparenting columnist Bonnie Baker Cowan helps find a...»

Gordie Howe: Mr. Hockey Refuses to Go Easily

With Gordie Howe suffering a stroke, we reflect on his impact on hockey and the iconic status he’s achieved in Canada ......»
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Top Tips for New Grandparents

New role, new challenges, new...»

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Inter-gen style.
(Photo by Roslyn Griffith Hall)

Book Club

From Canadian legends Gordie Howe and Chris Hadfield to a new book...»

A poem read by Britain's Prince Charles was heard at a Dylan Thomas celebration this... »


What is William Shatner's connection to the first Halloween flick? Find out at the link along with other fun facts about your favourite scary... »


About three years ago a friend of mine and I were discussing our friend’s brief relationship with Jian Ghomeshi while waiting in line for a hot yoga... »


Here’s one way to look at the Ghomeshi scandal: it’s an especially nasty skirmish in the gender wars. There’s a larger, more important issue around this than what happened or didn’t happen between one individual and his girlfriends. (Actually, there are several issues, but let’s deal now with the gender wars.) Truly, there is no better example of “Men are from Mars, Women are from... »

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Stricken family stopped by protection officers

A family were ordered out of their car by officers...»

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Prince Harry tells runner ‘Have a beer’

Britain's Prince Harry told a former Royal Marine to "have...»

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Katie Price wants damehood

Katie Price wants Britain's Queen Elizabeth to award her a...»


Septuagenarian Fights With Wife, Climbs Tree to Get Away From Her

File this story in the “Maybe You Slightly...»


DISH UP: French Toast with Tropical Fruit

French toast is traditionally served...»
Bryan Adams Interview at the Zoomerplex

Bryan Adams On His New Album, Tracks of My Years

Music legend Bryan Adams graces the...»

Selling your car? Beware!

You may get phone calls and e-mails...»
Zoomer Marketplace

The beauty industry is wising up to the spending power of 50-plus...»


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you’re a lover of...»


Authenticity wrapped in theatrical flair is the order of the day...»


Regardless of age, when it comes to wardrobe matters, most people...»


Telling someone to “drop dead” when you’re fighting is not only...»


Festive drinks and appetizer ideas for...»

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