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Former dancer Lillian Jarvis, 83, reinvents her body

When Lillian Jarvis, 83, watches the National Ballet, she’s more aware than most people of how dancers’ bodies move. “I’m...»

Blueprint For An Age-Friendly Home

At some point your home may not be as welcoming. Here, Jayne MacAulay makes plans to turn her home into a one-level,...»

LeBron to Cleveland: Mea Culpa

In a move that stunned basketball fans, LeBron James has announced he will be returning to his old team, the Cleveland...»

Is Your Pet Overweight?

If your pet is piling on too many pounds, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help Is your beloved pet a little, well, portly? If so,...»

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Book Club

Books with buzz. Watch our interview with author Emma Healey on the...»

From Gordon Gekko in Wall Street to his award-winning turn as Liberace, opposite Matt Damon, in Behind the Candelabra, Michael Douglas has cemented his legend in Tinseltown. But if art, as they say, imitates life, Douglas' latest film, the rom-com And So it Goes, walks a fine line. Sure Douglas' character, Oren Little, finds true love in the second... »


Let’s face it, the older we get the more likely we are to encounter loss, whether it comes to us through the death of a spouse or a close friend, the failure of a marriage, or the onset of disease. When life gets really hard, how can we avoid being irretrievably pulled into a black hole of sorrow and negativity? Gratitude, that’s how. No matter... »


Books with buzz. Watch our interview with author Emma Healey on the mysteries of memory and her new novel about an 82-year-old woman with dementia [jwplayer mediaid="358301"] It is in many ways, unfortunately, a story of our times. British author Emma Healey’s debut novel is told entirely from the point of view of an 82-year-old grandmother, Maud... »


Prince George had a Peter Rabbit-themed first birthday party last week arranged by his grandmother, Carole Middleton. Big deal. The Middletons just happen to own a party-planning business. Plus, a palace full of servants were on call to help serve the bunny-shaped cookies and clean up afterwards. A much more important birthday party also took place last week, the day before Prince George’s. It also... »

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Kesha wants ‘colour’ in her life

Kesha has "let colour back into" her life again. The...»

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Chris Pratt’s wife to ‘fatten’ him up

Chris Pratt's wife is trying to "fatten" him up. The...»

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Jennifer Lopez’ ex-boyfriend sends her birthday message

Jennifer Lopez' ex-boyfriend sent her a cute birthday...»


Man Bends Fiery Car’s Door With Bare Hands to Save Driver

It turns out there may be a real-life Superman among us,...»

Zoomer Marketplace

Zoom Zoomering in an XK 120

... (with no apologies to Mazda.) By...»

DISH UP: Party Planning

Charmaine shows us her tips for easy,...»

DISH UP: Pan-Fried Rainbow Trout

A quick and easy marinade packed with...»

Simon and Garfunkel got it partly right with their 1966 album title:...»


Full disclosure: I work at ZoomerMedia where Moses Znaimer is the...»


Every time I see a young girl with shorts too short and a shirt too...»


How much plastic surgery is too much?   Dear...»


The 39th Toronto International Film Festival rolls back into town...»


Happy Birthday, Your Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of...»

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