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It’s Never Too Late … Take Up Gardening

If you're new to gardening and are looking to take it up in a big way, or simply dabble, resources...»

Retired Boomers Will Work for Pay

The new retirement Nearly a third of retired Canadians, or 30 per cent, have returned to work, according to recent surveys from ING...»

Stanley Cup 2014: Hockey Night in … Columbus?

Quick, how many of you can name one player on the Columbus Blue Jackets? Anyone? Probably not, because for years this forgettable...»

Grandmas Stay Sharp When They Care for Grandkids Once a Week

Taking care of grandkids one day a week helps women lower their risks of Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders, reports...»

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Book Club

As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea.” Does the...»

Nowadays with advanced technology – there is something for everything – wrinkles, dark spots, bad digestion, and rough skin. But while looking for these fancy – and sometimes overpriced remedies – we miss simple items that can be found at a local grocery store. Confused? The magical grocery item I am referring to is coconut oil, it had a bad rep in... »


Jodie Foster has married Alexandra Hedison. The 'Panic Room' actress - who confirmed she is gay at the Golden Globe Awards last year following years of speculation - tied the knot with the photographer in a secret ceremony over the weekend after almost a year of dating. A spokesperson for the Oscar-winning star confirmed the happy news to E! News. The... »


What you’re doing right now is reducing your risk of getting depressed. Who would’ve guess that reading everythingzoomer.com could help ward off depression? The Journals of Gerontolgy report that spending time online has the potential to ward off depression among retirees, particularly among those who live alone. Researchers found that internet... »


The authorities know it’s a problem, but not a week goes by without enticing new offers. Go to any group discount site and, amid the deals on haircuts and restaurant meals, you’ll find cut-rate cosmetic procedures. “$89 for 20 Units of Botox,” read an offer on Dealfind. “A $240 value: 63% off!” Maybe you prefer the fillers Juvederm or Restylane, which plump cheeks and naso-labial folds. You could have... »

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Mark Shand remembered by ex-girlfriend

Mark Shand's ex-girlfriend has paid tribute to the late...»

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Mark Anthony spends 305K a month

Mark Anthony has monthly outgoings of $305,000. The Latino...»

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Beyonce named Time most influential

Beyonce has been named one of Time magazine's 100 most...»

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Couple Wins Lottery for the THIRD Time In Two Weeks

The next time someone tells you that your odds are about as...»

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First Aid App for Pets

Have we got an app for the...»

Exclusive Interview with Chris Hadfield

Rock star astronaut Chris Hadfield...»

Britain's Prince William and Duchess Catherine are "saddened" by...»


Celebrate the season with these great spring getaway ideas. If you...»


April is Parkinson's Disease Awareness Month. Here, what you need to...»


Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 88th birthday this week (April 21)...»


Two pieces of literature have so moved me that, upon finishing...»


How much does that mutual fund really cost you? Q – I can't wrest...»

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