When it comes to your Halloween horror film binge, the classics are mandatory. And while you might know them from start to finish, you likely haven't heard these little-known facts about some of your favourites.

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time for horror film buffs to break out their favourite gory movies and enjoy a good fright. But, as with any film, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that fans may not realize.

What famous horror villain's face is literally modelled after Zoomer cover man William Shatner? What legendary music did one iconic director almost slash from the climactic scene of one of his best-known thrillers? Which scary flick caused a viewer to pass out and sue the studio for injury? And what is the only horror film to ever win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Here, 13 frightful facts that will give you a whole new appreciation for your favourite horror flicks.

1. Halloween (1978)

"I swear, officer, William Shatner tried to kill me!"

This beloved horror film franchise takes its name from the most frightful day of the year. However, one of the scariest things about the first Halloween film was its small budget. When tasked with finding a mask suitable for the film's monster, Michael Myers, the only one that could be bought under budget was a Captain Kirk costume mask from the original Star Trek series. The film crew bought the mask and altered it enough so that it doesn't look like the Star Fleet commander. Still, it would be funny if Michael Myers spoke, and it came out sounding like Shatner: "I … am …. here to kill you."

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