When Ian Fleming created the chauvinist hero, James Bond, it was fitting that he made women the perfect foil for the martini swilling dashing spy.

The Bond films throughout the years have featured a bevy of Bond beauties that played more than just being eye candy. Some had savvy acumen to ensnare and outwit 007. Some assisted him in his various missions to save the free world. A couple might have saved his life. And there were a few that successfully beat the crap out of him.

But while it was said that the role of a Bond girl was a coveted one – more so for the publicity that comes with the film rather than for the stretching of any acting chops – some of these roles were rather one dimensional and lackluster.

As Spectre, the 24th Bond film, hits the theater this weekend, we round up some of the most memorable Bond ladies that left a lasting impression throughout the years.



As the first Bond girl in the first Bond flick back in 1962, Andress created a singular iconic moment that Bond films today pay homage to. Emerging out of the Caribbean sea in a bikini and a dagger at the hip, it was a cinematic moment that decades later, Halle Berry would recreate when she was a Bond girl in Die Another Day. And a male spin was put on the emerging-from-the-surf scene using Daniel Craig as Bond and in a pair of blue speedos in Casino Royale.

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