The old adage that one should dress according to their age is questionable in this era, especially for these stylish women.

Perhaps during no other period in human history have we ever looked so good as the result of taking care of our bodies, eating healthy and exercising regularly. And, with advances in cosmetic procedures, some of us have helped Mother Nature along, with various procedures from simple injectables to major surgery.

Our lifestyles are also different from a generation ago and we are living longer, more productive lives. The end result is that we look damn good and age is now merely a number. A 60-year-old today does not, for the most part, look like a 60-year-old from your mother's era.

However, we still have preconceived notions of what a 50, 60 or even a 70-year-old should wear. But because we can no longer tell how old someone is, we should abolish the old dress-your-age rule. Rather, we should be dressing to suit our body type. Other factors like lifestyle and confidence levels might play minor parts to the style equation.

Click through for five women who refuse to confirm to society's notion of age appropriate dressing. And we thank them for doing so and explain why it works. 

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