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Inspired by Her Grandchildren, Carol Novis Publishes Her First Book

Winnipeg-born Carol Novis always knew she wanted to write and publish a book of fiction. She just didn’t know it would be a fairy...»

Q&A: RRSP Withdrawals

  Here, a reader worries about excessive taxes on her retirement savings.   Q – I would be grateful if you could answer...»

The Defenceman Rests

... but not on his laurels. In his long-awaited autobiography, hockey’s iconic hero reveals how he overcame financial ruin and is...»

ASK COLETTE: “Her Husband Believes in the Santa Claus Version of God”

Here, Boomer Intuitive Coach Colette Baron-Reid on when spouses disagree on God and spirituality.   Dear Colette, I saw...»

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Hottest Books for April 2014
Spanning past, present and future, these fabulous new releases are on...»

Kim Novak is coming for her haters who mocked her appearance and bizarre delivery at this year's Academy Awards. The 81-year-old acting legend (Vertigo, Middle of the Night) was ridiculed on social networks for allegedly having excessive cosmetic surgery and for the fact she seemed noticeably out of it as she presented an Oscar award with actor Matthew... »


Time to get cracking, and by cracking, we mean blending. Grab those delicious, delectable Cadbury Creme Eggs and whip up this scrumptiously simple shake, a winning combination of milk chocolate, vanilla and fondant! Ingredients 2 cups vanilla ice cream 3 Cadbury Creme Eggs ¼ cup whole milk ¼ tsp vanilla extract Cadbury Creme Egg, for... »


McMaster University researchers are telling us that working out three times a week keeps skin younger and may even reverse the effects of aging on skin in people over 65. They knew about the power of exercise on skin from prior research on mice. For this study, they recruited 29 Hamilton men and women between the ages of 20 and 84. One group typically... »


Flying into Boston days after the Marathon last year was like flying into a fortress. It wasn’t just that security was enforced everywhere. It wasn’t just a physical fortress. Even more noticeable was the mental fortress. 
Boston Strong. Those words were everywhere -- on banners, t-shirts, stickers, bumpers, flags. They sprouted last April like crocuses in the earth and buds on the trees. The... »



By: Brooke Benjamin Every year on April 20, people all...»

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Ellie Goulding gets new tattoo

Ellie Goulding has got a new tattoo. The 'Goodness...»

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Kimberly Wyatt has to ‘work’ at marriage

Kimberly Wyatt has to "work" at her marriage. The former...»

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Couple Wins Lottery for the THIRD Time In Two Weeks

The next time someone tells you that your odds are about as...»

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The ROM: The Museum in the Modern Age

As the Royal Ontario Museum celebrates...»
Apple Strudel Recipe

Apple Strudel: A Recipe for Success!

No Central European vacation is...»

By: Brooke Benjamin Every year on April 20, people all across the...»


Want to have your cake and eat it too? You can (and for breakfast!!!)...»


Spanning past, present and future, these fabulous new releases are on...»


  Q. My problem is bunions on both my feet. They’re...»


Peaches Geldof's funeral will take place on Easter Monday...»


Britain's Prince of Wales' gardening tips will be revealed in a new...»

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