Photo: Charlotte Guttenberg and Charles Helmke.

Although the taboos surrounding tattoos has dissipated over the years, age is often still a barrier for those looking to get inked. Meet the boomers who prove you're never too old for tattoos.

Even today, with tattoos enjoying mainstream status, boomers who are drawn to this artistic form of expression remain reluctant to have their skin inked.

At the crux of their apprehension are doubts about the "fitness" of their older skin. Youthful skin seems to be the preferred canvas for tattoo artists and aligns with the generalization that tattoos are for the younger, more rebellious crowd.

Debunking that perception is a less-than-typical couple from Melbourne, Fla. – Charlotte Guttenberg, 67, and her partner, Charles Helmke, 75, each of whom holds the Guinness World Record for most tattooed senior citizens in their respective genders.

"That BS is just unbelievable," Helmke says of being too old for a tattoo. "You can't see the wrinkles with all the tattoos."

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