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Five Tips for a Great Road Trip


The road trip is one of North America’s grand traditions — a chance to travel and see things from ground level, and often at inexpensive cost. But there’s the opposite tradition: the »

Death and Your Digital Legacy


We all grapple with the big question: what happens after we die? While the spiritual question lays well beyond my ken, the digital ramifications ring clear as a bell! »

Getting Past Password Purgatory


A unique and secure password is the cornerstone of personal online security. Check out this easy way to select and manage your passwords. »

Five Secrets for a Happy Life


What is the key to successful living? Here, 5 secrets for leading a full and meaningful life Studies have found that a person’s outlook on life may not only improve longevity but »

9 Ways to Save on Fuel


Ease your pain at the pump this summer Road trip! It’s a time-honoured summer tradition, but fluctuating gas prices have many travellers feeling the pain at the pump. But don’t lose heart. »

15 Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget


Coupons and flyer specials can only go so far. Here, some saving strategies and ideas to stretch your food budget Properly package and store food. Stop throwing out food by learning how »

Food for the Road


Pricy, processed convenience foods and constant restaurants stops can leave you and your budget feeling bloated Need some fresh ideas to eat well on the road? Here, some easy foods to pack »