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10 Myths About Your Pet


You’ve probably heard it before: A wagging tail means a friendly dog. Cats and babies don’t mix. Table scraps are bad. But are these so-called nuggets of wisdom really true? Here, we debunk 10 commonly »

Summer Travel Trouble-Shooting


It’s the season for sun, fun and adventure — and the challenges that go with summer travel. Here, how you can avoid the season’s hot-button issues. While the “livin’ is easy,” travelling this time of »

7 Myths About Sleep


Poor sleep can lead to a number of serious health problems, including an increased risk for obesity, stress and even diseases like diabetes and hypertension. In the ongoing quest for better sleep, we debunk some of the top myths about sleep, plus offer tips to help you get your zzz’s. »

The Dog Days of Summer


Summer means barbecues, family vacations and trips to the cottage, but for our pets it can also be a season fraught with troubles and trauma. “Summer is a beautiful season for both people and their »

Food for the Road


Pricy, processed convenience foods and constant restaurants stops can leave you and your budget feeling bloated Need some fresh ideas to eat well on the road? Here, some easy foods to pack and prep. – »

Turn Back Time on Mackinac Island


No need to worry about galloping gas prices on an island that literally runs on horsepower You might say Mackinac Island, Mi. conspires to escape the present — or maybe it’s more about embracing the »

World’s 7 Most Bizarre Beaches


Disappearing beaches? A sun-worshipping dragon? These beach vacations go beyond the typical tropical paradise of sun, sea and sand When searching for that perfect place in the sun, most of us envision a hammock swinging »