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Top 10 Diet and Nutrition Myths


When did eating become so complicated? Today we have access to more diet and nutrition information than ever before. The bad news? A lot of the information is out of date, lacking »

Is Your Pet Overweight?


If your pet is piling on too many pounds, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help Is your beloved pet a little, well, portly? If so, you’re not alone. A recent »

Canada’s Most Dramatic Destinations


From coast to coast, we explore Canada’s natural marvels and some of the world’s most stunning sites. These six destinations that will take your breath away. Recently, travel review website TripAdvisor revealed »

Pricing Pets: The Cost of Pet Ownership


If you’re looking to bring a new dog or cat into the household, here are the numbers you’ll need to factor in   Initial costs All new pets require some basic necessities »

Turn Back Time on Mackinac Island


No need to worry about galloping gas prices on an island that literally runs on horsepower You might say Mackinac Island, Mi. conspires to escape the present — or maybe it’s more »

Summer Travel Trouble-Shooting


It’s the season for sun, fun and adventure — and the challenges that go with summer travel. Here, how you can avoid the season’s hot-button issues While the “livin’ is easy,” travelling »

Best Apps For Your Budget


Whether you’re digging yourself out of debt, saving for a specific goal or trying to get a better handle on your budget, there’s an app to help you reach your financial goals. »

Five Tips for a Great Road Trip


The road trip is one of North America’s grand traditions — a chance to travel and see things from ground level, and often at inexpensive cost. But there’s the opposite tradition: the »

Six Ways to Boost Energy


Sick of feeling tired? Here, six ways to boost energy, fight fatigue and feel younger. Feeling worn down? Constantly exhausted? You aren’t alone. In fact, a ‘lack of energy’ is one of »

The Dog Days of Summer


Summer means barbecues, fireworks, family vacations and trips to the cottage, but for our pets it can also be a season fraught with troubles and trauma “Summer is a beautiful season for »

8 Myths about Arthritis


Here, we debunk some common myths and misconceptions about arthritis. BY: ELIZABETH ROGERS Here are a few interesting tidbits about arthritis: there are over 100 forms of the disease, even infants can »