Shoe design that matches style and comfort is a salve for your soles

COMFORT IS OFTEN viewed as the ugly stepsister in the world of shoes. Some of the most celebrated shoe designers seem hell-bent on creating fantastically beautiful shoes that are little more than works of art for the feet.  These Cinderella-worthy beauties show little regard for the wearer performing seemingly mundane activities like walking.

And when you think of the other spectrum of the market – comfortable shoes – as practical as they may be, they hardly elicit the swoons their sexy stiletto sisters do.

But one shoe brand, the Copen-hagen-based Ecco, not only puts a high priority on the comfort factor, its shoes also tread lightly along the fashion trail. While not overtly trendy, they meld the elements of functionality, style and minimalism. Not surprisingly, this Danish company – like many of their contemporaries – Georg Jensen, Bang and Olufsen and Lego – follows the famed ethos of Scandinavian design: form follows function and function follows form.

No wonder one of their mantras is “We believe comfort is freeing people to move.”

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Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, Ecco is one of the few brands that offer shoes for an entire generation – from kids to grandparents. The vertically integrated company controls the many varied stages of the shoemaking process – from the leather to the finished shoe. Such is its vast resource of premium leathers, it provides the material to some of the more famous luxury houses in Europe.

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