By: Tianna Robinson

There is an inverse relationship between what's goobonniefran.JPGd for us and what tastes good. If this were not so, there would be no such thing as obesity and potato chips and we'd happily snack on broccoli while watching TV.

To the rescue: Bestselling cookbook author Bonnie Stern, who runs a top-notch cooking school in Toronto and Fran Berkoff an experienced dietitian, made the perfect match and hosted a cooking class on super foods: why they are good for you and how they can taste good too!


Green tea was first on their list of a super foods (or super liquid in this case).

Turns out it doesn't matter where you find this tasty tea, whether the grocery store or fancy tea shop - Fran says as long as it comes from the tealeaf itself, it is good for you.

The major benefit of green tea is its ability to lower heart disease.

Be sure not to confuse green tea with herbal tea though, herbal teas do not have the same benefits

Are you less into tea and more into wine?

Wine is delicious and nutritious (in moderation); Fran suggests that women drink one glass a day to gain its benefits while men should drink two glasses a day. However, if you are at risk of breast cancer be careful -- it has been shown in some studies that there is a correlation between alcohol and this cancer.

Red or white? It's hard to know for sure. Red wine has been studied more than white, and so it is usually thought to have more benefits.

Bonnie and Fran started the class with a Green Tea Sangria, suggested especially because you are consuming half the amount of wine you might normally. And, it's delicious - you won't miss the extra hit of vino.


Make good friends with garlic, smelly as it is - your body reaps huge benefits from it, including lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Bonnie suggests if you are using raw garlic in a salad dressing to use a garlic press to ensure you don't get chunks of garlic in your salad.

Feeling a little ill? Ginger is great for an unsettled stomach.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an essential ingredient for Bonnie and it is easy to see why.

EVOO is the first press of the ripe olive unlike other oils that are processed. With only 100 calories per tbsp, you get full flavour and great benefits from the antioxidants and the mono-saturated fat that is in EVOO.

EVOO also makes you feel a little more satisfied by your meal, which is great for the waistline.

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