fitness-2Here, Tim's tips for keeping your New Year's resolutions:

1. Be specific about your goal: Instead of having broad goals, make a detailed implementation plan. For example, don't say 'I'm going to go to the gym more often,' say 'I'm going to the gym three times a week and right after work'. "Make concrete plans, not abstract plans, so they'll have more urgency," Tim suggests. "The more specific you can be, the more accountable you'll be and the less wiggle room you'll have."

2. Drop the word 'try': If you're using the 'T-word' you're already building in an excuse to fail and overriding the 'resolve' in resolution. Instead of saying you're going 'to try to exercise more' or 'try to eat less', say 'I'm going to walk every week night right after dinner, or 'I'm only eating dessert on Sundays'.

3. Add another layer to your commitment: You know how it's so much easier to contribute to an RRSP if it automatically comes off your paycheck? Well, that's the kind of thing Tim calls a "pre-commitment device" and it can strengthen your resolution. He uses the example of a friend of his who wants to exercise, but also loves going out for dinner. She vowed that if she didn't work out three times a week, there was no going out to dinner that weekend.

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