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Rebecca Levant Sings with Heart and Soul

Rebecca Levant was in her mid-50s before she had “enough confidence to get a CD out there.” Singing and performing was always an important...Read More»

Q&A: CPP After 65

Can an employer force you to opt out of...Read More»

Pat Quinn Passes Away at Age 71

Pat Quinn, NHL player, coach, general manager and hockey lifer, has passed away at the age of...Read More»
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10 Simple Ideas For One, Multi-Generational Home

Most of us start life depending on our parents to take care of us. But as they age, chances are the roles will reverse. Luckily many simple,...Read More»

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Book Club

Here, five things about Anjelica Huston from her just published memoir, Watch...Read More»

Five sure-to-please gifts for the techies on your...Read More »


Steve Carell as a soft-spoken time-bomb of paranoia and despair riding a slow burn toward...Read More »


A previously-unseen photograph of Britain's Prince George has been made public via Twitter. The portrait of the future king with his parents...Read More »


How sick do you plan to be on Nov. 28? Sick enough to miss work and go shopping instead? Around one million people are expected to call in...Read More »

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Princess Beatrice uses organic make-up

Britain's Princess Beatrice uses organic make-up. The 26-year-old royal - who is the daughter of Prince Andrew and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson -...Read More»

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Duchess Catherine wrote from the heart

Britain's Duchess Catherine wrote "from the heart" to a grieving mother. The pregnant duchess - who is expecting her second child with husband...Read More»

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Laura Mvula: Prince Charles is cool

Laura Mvula thinks Britain's Prince Charles is "really cool". The 28-year-old singer met the prince and his wife Duchess Camilla last week at a...Read More»


Vlad the Romancer, “Putin” the Moves on China’s First Lady

Call him the Russian Romeo – Vladimir Putin, 62, proved to the world on Monday that he does indeed possess a soft spot. Sure it’s not a very...Read More»


In Conversation with Colette Baron-Reid

We sat down with Colette Baron-Reid on the set of 'Messages from Spirit' to learn more about her amazing...Read More»

DISH UP: Cooking with Coconut Oil

It's become very popular and for very good reason, it's an extremely healthy...Read More»

Gift Picks for the Tech Lover

Five sure-to-please gifts for the techies on your...Read More»
Zoomer Marketplace

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, what you need to know to stay safe...Read More»


Long Sparkly Stone Earrings, $15,...Read More»


It’s the most wonderful time of the year … One of a Kind time. The craft show and sale is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the shopping...Read More»


"When I heard, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, I thought, ‘Did he fall or was he...Read More»


Mississauga’s long-serving Mayor, who turns 94 in a few months, has presided over her last council meeting after 36 years. Here, a look back at...Read More»


Boost your ability to fight off infections this cold and flu season with these healthy foods. ...Read More»

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