By Brooke Benjamin

Kate Middleton truly encompassed a modern-day princess on her big day. She couldn't have appeared more regal or poised as she captivated millions around the globe watching from home. Of course, her meticulously made gown was indisputably one of the most anticipated components of the royal wedding. Kate hit that nail right on the head with the breath-taking dress she wore down the aisle created by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. The world-wide consensus? The dress could not have possibly been more perfect for the occasion.

Now, we can all get up-close-and-personal with this unforgettable dress. Kate's gown will be on display as part of the Buckingham's Palace annual summer exhibition. Experts predict an astounding half a million people to pass through the exhibit in an effort to capture a piece of royal history for themselves. In addition to the gown, visitors will have the chance to relive the entire day as Kate's veil, tiara, bouquet, shoes and even the cake will also be included in the display. The Queen along with the Duchess got a sneak preview earlier today ahead of the public opening taking place tomorrow. The exhibition is expected to have the highest attendance for the palace in all of history.

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