Have mobile device, will travel! But which of the seemingly endless number of travel apps will actually help you on your trip?

Many apps are free or inexpensive, but which ones add value to your trip? We scoured the internet to see what travel experts and users alike had to say. Here are some popular picks.

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Originally a web-based service, TripIt wisely made the move to mobile and continues to receive accolades from travel and tech experts alike. Think of it as your personal travel assistant. Simply sign up for an account and forward all of those email confirmations you receive to a designated email address. TripIt then compiles the information into an itinerary you can view online or print.

Experts say the app is especially useful for juggling multi-stop journeys or planning multiple trips at once. You can manually add details as needed, and the service also integrates with social networking sites to let you share.

Requirements: You'll need a computer or a device with internet access to use TripIt online. The mobile app is available for most major devices -- including iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

Cost: Free, but you can purchase an ad-free version for $1.19.

It should hardly come as a surprise that one of the most popular booking engines is also one of the most downloaded travel apps. Kayak's free app lets you compare prices on flights, car rentals and hotel deals as well as keep tabs on your flight status, manage your itinerary and look up airport information.

Of course, Kayak isn't the only booking engine to go mobile. Competitors like Travelocity and Orbitz are also in on the action.

Requirements: One of the most widely available travel apps around, you'll find versions of Kayak for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Nokia smartphones, Windows 7 phone and HP Touchpad. For all other devices, there's the mobile version of its service.

Cost: Free for the basic app or $1.19 for the ad-free version.

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