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Movie theatres are no longer filled with frolicking teenagers. Rather, the seats are occupied by boomers. The generation that grew up going to the cinema is still going. According to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), the U.S. and Canada saw a steady increase in attendance of people aged 40 to 49 and the 60-plus group in 2011. With the success of films like The King’s Speech in 2010 and 2011’s The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, the mature crowd are buying more tickets. The MPAA also indicates that more people over 60 are buying more tickets than ever before. Hollywood is now paying attention and, in 2013, as we await MPAA’s Theatrical Statistics Summary of 2012; upcoming films like Quartet and Song for Marion, which feature more mature actors, prove that the trend is not slowing down.

- Coriandre Lawrence 


David Bowie Unveils First New Song in 10 Years

Legendary rocker David Bowie turns 66 today, but it’s his fans who woke up to an unexpected birthday gift.

Bowie ended a decade-long musical drought early this morning with the release of “Where Are We Now?,” the debut single from his March 2013 album, The Next Day.

The song and accompanying video evoke images of Berlin – a city Bowie became intimately acquainted with when he lived there in the 1970s and experimented with music influenced by German “Krautrock” – a fusing of electronic and rock musical styles popularized by bands such as Kraftwerk. While in Berlin, Bowie bunked with fellow rocker-collaborator Iggy Pop and completed the albums LowHeroes and Lodger, collectively known as the Berlin Trilogy. Tony Visconti, who worked on Low, produced “Where Are We Now?” The video, directed by multimedia artist Tony Oursler, features scenes from around Berlin, including Bowie’s former neighbourhood.

“David is the kind of artist who writes and performs what he wants when he wants … when he has something to say as opposed to something to sell,” Iso/Columbia Records said in announcing the new single and upcoming album.

The first single, however, isn’t exactly a happy reminiscence of Bowie’s Berlin days. The black and white video is accompanied by a lingering piano and Bowie’s trademark tenor on lyrics such as:

“Sitting in the dschungel on Nurnberger Strasse

A man lost in time near KaDeWe

Just walking the dead.”

Still, for fans who’ve been nursing a 10-year craving for new music from the rock hall of famer (his last album, Reality, was released in 2003), news of The Next Day’s impending arrival is, quite literally, music to their ears.

“Where Are We Now?” is available for download on iTunes. The Next Day hits stores and online in March (pre-order available now on iTunes).