The fashion diktat that one should not wear white after Labour Day remains one of those archaic style rules that still lingers today—and is still considered a fashion faux pas by some.

If you still need convincing that it's about time to dismiss this old-fashion rule, it might help to look at what it originally meant.

According to—the resourceful guide to all things regarding etiquette and good manners—back in the early 1900s the summer season started with Memorial Day and ended on Labour Day. When society's elite left the city and the heat in the summer, they packed their lighter white garments for their vacations to the seaside. When they returned to the city on Labour Day weekend, all summer clothes were packed away—remember this was an era where dress codes were strictly adhered to—and out came the darker and more formal city clothes. And hence, the rule was borne, "No white after Labour Day."

But that was then and this is now. Like other fashion rules, when it no longer makes sense or fits in with today's lifestyles it's time to retire the notion.

With increasingly erratic weather and climate change, we now have fall and winter days that could be mild, if not sweltering. Or we could go long stretches without any snow or slush to contend with. So why wouldn't you want to take your white jeans out for another spin on a crisp day?

Designers and retailers also often propose white for winter. Perhaps it's the gloomy atmosphere of gray winter days, but the look of white—particularly if done head-to-toe—has a luxurious, almost decadent appeal.

There is much street style evidence to suggest that wearing white—and all the variants—cream, ivory, winter white, can look great during the colder months.

We take a look at some fashionable guests who attended New York and Milan Fashion Week this past February—the dreariest of winter months—for tips and ideas on how best to pull off the notion of wearing white in winter.

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