From kidney stones, to extracted teeth, to clumps of hair—here are some of the most bizarre celebrity items on the auction block.

Whether or not we like to admit it, celebrities fascinate us. We buy their albums, watch their movies and read every news item we can find. And, for some, the absorption doesn't abate when the celeb passes away—in fact, it sometimes only increases their interest.

But some people go one step further: there are those who have paid exorbitant sums for some incredibly strange (read: gross) personal items.

Here, some of the most fascinating items that made it onto the auction block.


Truman Capote

In September 2016, Truman Capote's ashes were sold for nearly $44,000, complete with the wooden box they were kept in. How did the In Cold Blood author's remains make its way onto the auction block? After he died on August 25, 1984, his ashes went to longtime friend Joanne Carson (the second wife of legendary TV host, Johnny Carson) and she kept the box on display in her home. But when she died at 83 in 2015, her estate put the remains up for auction.

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