Casole d'Elsa, near the renowned Castello di Casole resort - A typical view of the hills of Tuscany

Book this. Can’t make it to Europe, but still dreaming of a trip to the continent? Grab one of these destination-centric books, as chosen by Zoomer’s resident traveler, Vivian Vassos.


armchair-chiantiThe Hills of Chianti: The Story of a Tuscan Winemaking Family, in Seven Bottles. Scion Piero Antinori pens this memoir about his oeno-dynasty, the Antinori family, considered by many as the First Family of winemaking in Italy. He follows 27 generations of a familial love of the vine. It will drive you to drink – Chianti, of course – in a good way. (For more on Tuscany, see Club Culture.)

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