Has sex become a sensitive topic in your marriage? Here, a reader asks for help in rekindling romance in a long relationship – and having the sex conversation. 

Q   I've been happily married for 29 years and, for the most part, my husband and I have enjoyed a robust and satisfying sex life – until now. Our sexual activity is almost nil these days and has been for several months. But I'm far from ready for a sexless marriage. So far, we've avoided the subject, but I know we can't do that indefinitely. The whole situation upsets me. I could use some help.

—Penny, Oakville

A   Okay, first you need to try and pinpoint any underlying causes. Vancouver-based sex therapist Dr. Teesha Morgan suggests you look at external factors that might be at the root of this dry spell. Are either of you in a new job? Have you moved? Has anyone close to you died recently?

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