Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi during happier times. Photo Credit: Getty Images

“This is heartbreaking for both of us as our love was very deep.”

Charles Saatchi was referring to the break-up of his 10-year marriage to Nigella Lawson when he made this statement in July.

This week we’re learning how love that was very deep can become hate so deep it destroys.

We’re hearing about betrayal, threats, emotional abuse, bullying and “intimate terrorism” in the marriage, about how people demolish each other when sweet love turns sour and becomes bitter and rotten.

“Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds,” wrote Shakespeare.

Nigella has been giving evidence in the London trial of her assistants for fraud. They’re accused of using Saatchi’s credit cards for spending sprees.

But much to the distress of the celebrity chef, the trial is turning into an expose of her drug use, her family and professional life and, especially, her marriage.

The high-profile couple became close during the terminal illness of her husband, British journalist John Diamond, who died of throat cancer at the age of 47.

A widow at the age of 41, with two children, Nigella moved in with the wealthy art collector and former advertising mogul nine months after the death of her husband. He left his second wife for Nigella, 17 years his junior.

They married a year later, in 2003. “I know Charles really loves me,” she told a London newspaper in 2005.

How does true love turn into true hate?

We asked four experts. Click through to read what they had to say.

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