Today is World Environment Day! How green is your garden? Get down to earth with these six eco-friendly tips.

These days there's new meaning to the words "green thumb". Here, some ways to make your outdoor spaces a little greener this year.

garden-2Sow specialty seeds

Not all seeds are created equal. To start your plants off right, watch for heirloom, heritage and organic seeds. Organic seeds are untreated, come from organic sources, are open-pollinated and they don't originate from genetically modified strains.

Heirloom and heritage seeds (most of which are organic too) preserve unpolluted varieties of plants and protect the "genetic gene pool" of native plant species. There are thousands of vegetables, herbs, flowers and ornamental plants in Canada. Companies that sell these types of seeds often encourage you to collect your own seeds at the end of the season and exchange them with other like-minded gardeners.

If you're wondering what cultivars will work best in your garden, the Seeds of Diversity Heritage plant database has information on over 19,000 heritage plants in Canada.

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Elizabeth Rogers