Luxee, NYC

Because of syntax, dessert is an after thought. Like a middling comedian on a late night talk show, it often gets bumped off the dinner docket thanks to bloated starters and mains. In the New York City restaurant service industry, “do you have room for dessert?” is a common coda. Despite dessert intentions, diners often answer the query with a reluctant, “no, I’m stuffed.” Time and again, dessert – regardless of its inherent allure (people like sweets) – gets eschewed for belt concerns. Luxee circumvents the problem by calling sweet indulgences up from the minors.

A self-styled New York City dessert café, Luxee’s focus rests solely on dessert. Crafting art plates from dentist-bating ingredients, it’s an epicurean anomaly. Like any haute boite worth its salt (or, in this case, sugar), the menu isn’t fixed (i.e. stagnant). It rotates seasonally, incorporating fresh ingredients and even fresher ideas.

Currently, Luxee’s card boasts edible temptresses like Savarin Chateau, which is made with ingredients you’ve never heard of (i.e. savarin citrus and coconut blanc manger) and some you have (i.e. lime sorbet and pineapple salad); Normandy Cheesecake; and the Chef’s special, Caramel Apple (milk chocolate mousse, granny smith, basil apple sorbet, etc.).

Aside from the dessert mains (an oxymoron no more), Luxee also has an equally captivating – though less expensive – Takeout Menu (don’t worry, you can eat in). It features small-bites, cakes, parfaits, and mousses.

Continuing in the turning-the-tables vein, Luxee has a non-alcoholic drink card, replete with cocktails and hot drinks, which should help your mouth ready for more beautiful, gossamer treats.

The space itself is, as the name implies, café-ish, with a wood façade, exposed brick, and the obligatory banquette/seating fusion. Naturally welcoming and warm, it encourages apropos slow, savoury bites.

Like any solid dessert destination, Luxee is a perfect two-spoon, longing-look date spot. However, here the desserts will likely distract from your starting-line-up stories; that can be a good thing.

Address: 6 Clinton St, New York, NY
Contact: 212-375-1796
Cuisine: French
Area: Lower East Side
Venue: Dessert
Hours: Tue.-Thu.: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Fri.-Sun. 11:30am – 11:00pm
Price Range: $$$ (Within Reach)
Payment: Master Card, Visa, American Express

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