Loreley Williamsburg, NYC

According to the Vince ShamWow “The Germans make good stuff.” Of course, he was referring to the ShamWow (which really do work, by the way. Even astronauts demand them), but his pithy anecdote also works for kitchen appliances and cars. Oh, and beer. The new Loreley Williamsburg (sister to the Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten at 7 Rivington Street ) exemplifies this perfectly. Owned by Cologne native Michael Momm , his project was to revive an old gas station and turn it into a traditional German “brauhaus” (or brewery pub).

The 80-seat dining room is a whirlwind of wood and brick, with a skylight opening up the ceiling and custom-made steel chandeliers (designed by Momm himself), it creates the picture of an authentic brewpub. Even the tabletops and bases were flown in from Germany. Beyond that, Loreley has a 60-seat outdoor patio with picnic tables, umbrellas, and a woven fence. Don’t expect fancy, just the classic beer garden look. While the décor has a touch of German authenticity, the menu is the real deal. Chef Torsten Ziebold has devised a menu of German fare that feature the likes of bratwurst with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, wiener schnitzel, a sausage platter with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, and a curious dish called Eisbein (it’s pork shank that has been braised and slow roasted), served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. There are even more exotic items like grilled Nurnberg-style mini sausages, potato pancakes with smoked salmon, and a dessert of “apfelstrudel mit vanille sauce.”

But it’s not just about the strudels and sauerkraut. Considering it’s called a brewery pub, the beer list goes for pages. In fact, there are more booze options than food. Beverage manager Mascha Verbos devised a list of 12 beers (mostly seasonal), ranging from Erdinger Dark to Kranz Kolsch… when you start slurring trying to utter the words “another round of Spaten Ur-Marzen” that’s the bartenders might to cut you off. Wine and cocktail list is mostly German, but a few local labels made the cut. But, that doesn’t mean the “Zimtschnitte” won’t be an awesome drink – it’s made with Captian Morgans, Cointreau, sour, cinnamon, and fresh orange.

While German isn’t the most beautiful language, it sounds funny when drunk, and that’s where this “brauhaus” has got you covered. Get a pint served with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes and leave saying “Vielen Dank!”

64 Frost St, Brooklyn, NY
Open daily 5pm-late, Brunch hours coming soon
Cuisine – European
Area – Brooklyn
Price – $$$ (Within Reach)

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