Coronation Street actress Betty Driver dies at 91

The iconic barmaid, who appeared in more than 2,800 episodes on the popular British show Coronation Street, has died peacefully at home at the age of 91, according to ITV , which broadcasts the long-running show.

Betty played the role of Rovers barmaid Betty Turpin/Williams for 42 years- after being persuaded to come out of retirement in 1969. Although a vegetarian in real life, her character became famous for serving up her meat “hot pot” lunches.

Her career began early: by the tender age of 10 she was singing with the BBC. She joined Coronation Street after a 40-year radio, stage and television career, during which she worked in London’s West End shows. She entertained troops as a big-band singer during the Second World War.

The show’s executive producer Kieran Roberts said of the actress: “Betty was a wonderful actress and remarkable woman. It is humbling to think that the 42 years she spent on Coronation Street was just half of her extraordinary career but Coronation Street certainly benefited when she decided to join our show in 1969.”

Watch this tribute video for Betty Driver: