Betty White turns 90

Betty White has entertained audiences for 73 years, and she is still going strong with her show Hot In Cleveland. Today she celebrates turning 90, and she is as active and healthy as someone half her age.

Most actors slow down in their golden years, but for Betty, it seems her career reached a peak in her 80s! She was adored for her roles in Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but it seems recently she is more famous now than she was in her younger days.

She is so popular that even NBC celebrated her birthday, airing a tribute special that featured praise from Amy Poehler, Joel McHale, Ed Asner, Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore.

Interestingly enough, according to The Age Of Opportunity survey conducted by GfK Roper for The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc and the MIT AgeLab, retirees see Betty as their top role model.

The study asked 1,964 random men and women over the age of 45 — who had recently retired or were planning to retire in the next decade — who they would like to emulate in retirement. They could choose between Betty; former President Jimmy Carter; Martha Stewart; Helen Mirren; Steven Tyler; author and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch and George Foreman.

Betty received the highest percentage of votes, with many noting her as their choice because “she knows how to laugh.”

Watch her recent interview with Katie Couric below: