U.S. literary giant Gore Vidal dies at 86

Gore Vidal, 86, died from complications of pneumonia in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Over the course of his long and prolific career, he wrote many bestselling novels including Lincoln, Myra Breckenridge, and The City and the Pillar. His play, The Best Man, was nominated for a Tony.

In all, he published 25 novels, two memoirs, and hundreds of essays. He also penned a number of plays, television dramas and screenplays.

Outspoken, witty and often contrarian, he was known for his sharp criticism of U.S. governmental policy and American society in general, which he viewed to be in decline. “The United States was founded by the brightest people in the country – and we haven’t seen them since,” he was famously quoted.

Vidal ran for congressional office twice, but lost both times. He was also a cousin to Al Gore and stepsister to Jackie Kennedy.

Vidal will reportedly be buried in Washington D.C, by his longtime partner, Howard Austin.


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Photo capture from Youtube.com

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