TIFF 2012 underway

The Canadian lineup for TIFF 2012 appears to be stronger than ever with a wide mix of beautifully shot films from some of our favorite returning directors.

Sarah Polley, Manon Briand, Rob Stewart, Xaviar Dolan, Bruce Sweeney, Sudz Sutherland, Deepa Metha, and Bernard Émond will all be back at TIFF with a new film to premiere, while up and comers Jason Buxton, Kazik Radwanski, Igor Drljaca, Kate Melville and Brandon Cronenberg will be making their debut at this year’s festival.

When announcing the lineup last month, TIFF senior Canadian film programmer  Steve Gravestock described the variety of this year’s selections: “Through comedy, thrills, drama and suspense, films in the lineup present stories of youth and violence, coming of age, the environment, dysfunctional families, sex and celebrity. From intimate, affecting stories with big impact to films with global scope, the Canadian films in this year’s festival will move audiences.”

Canadian films to watch for at TIFF 2012

Stories We Tell

Sarah Polley’s latest offering sees her playing a detective investigating a families secret history.


David Cronenberg’s son makes his directorial debut with this feature that will strike audiences as classic Cronenberg material. This dark sci-fi satire on celebrity obsession makes you question just how far someone would go to feel connected to someone famous.



Lawrence Anyways

Having already won two awards at Cannes, this romantic drama tells a story of love that strives to survive despite gender issues.

I Declare War

When a group of 12 year olds play a neighborhood war game, they are interrupted by the threat of real violence.


A lonely teenager inadvertently strikes fear in the hearts of a small community when his online activities are revealed.




Another look into the violence of youth, Rebelle takes it on in Africa, looking at the story of child soldier as told through the eyes of a pregnant 14 year old to her unborn baby.


Visionary minimalism is a growing trend in Canadian cinema, and Krivina screens as a fine example of this movement.


Tower also belongs to this movement, and has already been picked up for distribution from Toronto’s College Street Pictures.



Picture Day

Kate Melville’s debut feature stars breakout actress Tatiana Maslany as a rebellious Toronto high school teenager.


A documentary looking at the peculiar relationship people have with animals.


A thriller that takes place in the chaotic Middle East, where a father is desperate to find his daughter.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6-16.

Sources: TIFF, The Star

Photo ©TIFF

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