Catch your favourite Brits celebrating the holidays on VisionTV

Share the gift of laughter with these hilarious Christmas special episodes.

December 3rd at 11:00PM

Vicar of Dibley: The Christmas Special 1996

Geraldine is having problems – not only with her sermon, but also with multiple invitations to Christmas lunch from the parishioners.

December 4th at 8:30PM

Are You Being Served?

To improve Christmas sales, Mr. Grace decides that all the staff should wear novelty costumes – much to their annoyance.

December 4th at 11:00PM

Vicar of Dibley The Christmas Special 1997

Exasperated by their ineptitude, the Vicar of Dibley turns Cupid and decides that Alice and Hugo should at least share a kiss.

December 6th at 11:00PM

Jam & Jerusalem – Christmas Special 2006

The Guild prepares to put on a Christmas play, with open auditions of varying quality. Tash insists on taking the lead role, ignoring the fact that she might be getting a bit old for the part.

December 11th at 8:30PM

Ab Fab Christmas –  2011

Eddy has fewer and fewer clients and her daughter despises her. Then Eddy and Patsy meet a famous French film star of whom Saffy is a huge fan. Could this bring Edina new found respect? Eddy decides to take her on as a client and excites the media but everything unravels rather quickly.

December 13th at 8:30PM

Yes Minister Party Games

Sir Humphrey leaves the dept. of Administrative Affairs, and becomes Cabinet Secretary. During the Christmas break the Home Secretary is arrested for drunk driving and has to resign.

December 25th at 1:00AM

Dame Edna Christmas Experience

In this Christmas special, Dame Edna entertains Roger Moore, Denis Healey, Lulu, and the Wells Cathedral Choir.

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