Boomer Baby-Daddy Drama

If you have  children, grandchildren or even a TV for that matter, you are most likely familiar with Canadian teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

By Mike Crisolago and Tianna Robinson

The usually very wholesome singer has been getting some unwholesome press lately while touring in Europe. The latest, is from a 25-year-old women who alleges Bieber is the father of her child. He’s certainly been through this before, in 2011, 20-year-old California woman named Mariah Yeater accused the Biebs of fathering her four-month-old son after spending 30 seconds with him in a VIP bathroom after a concert. Yeater is sued the popstar for child support, and he took a paternity test.

If we look back , we are not unfamiliar with a little baby-daddy drama and so in honour of Bieber’s second paternity suit (we feel this isn’t the last time Bieber will be faced with these accusations), we have compiled a list of boomer males who have been in the spotlight accused of fathering someone’s child. Click through the pages to view our choices.

Boy George

You might be thinking, “Huh?” You wouldn’t be wrong to feel a tad puzzled by this paternity suit. The flamboyant pop star was a target of claims by an unnamed woman in the ’90s. She demanded the Culture Club singer pay child support for her seven-year-old son. George is reported to have responded, “I have never penetrated a woman in my life, so it’s unlikely to be me.” After Bieber’s suit was brought into the media spotlight, George was quick to lend support on Twitter, tweeting, “Don’t stress Justin Bieber, I was accused of fathering a child! Now how fantastical is that?!! Lol!”

Keanu Reeves

Out of all the famous people on this list, Keanu Reeves likely has the most in common with the beleaguered Biebs. To start, he’s a fellow Canuck. Secondly, he also claimed that he’d never even met, let alone reproduced, with his accuser. And thirdly, much like the teen heartthrob’s supposed partner, Reeves’ doesn’t seem as though she’s all there.

In 2009, Karen Sala of Barrie, Ont., claimed that she grew up with Reeves, that they had an affair when she was married and that the Matrix star is likely the father of at least one, if not more, of her four children. Here’s the catch: at the time of the accusations her children were all between 20 and 25 years old and hardly at the age that would require the monthly child support payments of the more than $100, 000 that Sala was asking for (along with a few million dollars in back payments). When Reeves’ DNA didn’t match that of any of Sala’s children, Sala accused Reeves of using devious methods to skew the tests – including employing hypnosis (yes, to pass a DNA test). Needless to say, this whole paternity fiasco was no excellent adventure for Reeves, who must have been thrilled when it was finally over.

Steven Tyler

It is clear to fans that actress Liv Tyler is musician Steven Tyler’s daughter now, but this was not the case in the ’80s. Liv was told by her mother, fashion model Bebe Buell, that her father was Todd Rundgren to protect her from Tyler’s drug addiction.  She didn’t confess until years later that the Aerosmith singer was truly her father. The news was made public in 1991.

Evander Holyfield

Our theory is former professional boxer Evander Holyfield might have taken too many punches to the head and forgot the basics of sex-ed: wrap it up! Holyfield is reportedly the father of 11 children with multiple women and has been sued in the past for failure to pay several months child support.

Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson had women sue him for paternity suits (unsuccessfully) in 2006 and 2007. But the lawsuit that takes the cake was when a woman named Billie Jean Jackson claimed she was the mother of Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a. Blanket. She sued the king of pop for $1 billion in support payments as well as joint legal and physical custody of the then six-year-old according to reports. In 2002, the singer refused to reveal the mother of Blanket and claimed Billie Jean was, indeed, not his lover and Blanket was the result of artificial insemination through a surrogate.

Eddie Murphy

The comedian-actor Eddie Murphy, in fact, has eight children: five with his ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy and three with other unnamed women. The paternity suit that was most public for Murphy was in 2007. The Dreamgirls star dated Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown of the Spice Girls in 2007 and, according to Brown, the two planned on getting pregnant with their daughter, Angel Iris Murphy. Apparently, Murphy was on a different page because he broke up with Brown and when she gave birth to Angel, Murphy questioned Brown’s claims and opted for a DNA test. After the positive DNA test, the actor still refused to acknowledge Angel as his daughter legally (until she turned 18 he said). According to reports, in 2009 the comedian was ordered to pay $55,000 a month until Angel turned 18. That is more than $11 million a year. That amount of child support is enough to make even the rich delirious.

Chuck Norris

Everyone’s heard samples from the endless list of Chuck Norris “Facts” : “Chuck Norris can strangle you with a cordless phone”; “There is no chin behind Chuck Norris’ beard. Just another fist”; “When the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris”; and so on. One fact missing from the list, however, is that Norris fathered a love child while serving in the U.S. Air Force in the 1960s. Fortunately for the child, a daughter named Dina, Chuck takes responsibility for his actions. Years later, when Dina contacted Norris to tell him that she was a daughter that he never knew he had, he embraced her and the two have grown close since.

Gavin Rossdale

When Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale’s long-time friend Pearl Lowe asked him to be godfather to her daughter Daisy, he agreed. Years later, a paternity test proved that he was much more than that to the little girl. It seems that a fling between the two friends years confusing had greater implications than both Rossdale and Lowe realized. As if it wasn’t complicated enough, Lowe had had a boyfriend at the time so she naturally assumed that the baby was his.  However, like Chuck Norris, Gavin stepped up and is taking his fatherly responsibilities seriously. According to Daisy herself, she and her dad have a great relationship and are getting closer and closer all the time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

We’re not sure how the former Mr. Olympia was able to keep his secret son under wraps for 13 years, but once news got out, his marriage to Maria Shriver was immediately terminated (couldn’t help ourselves!). Not only did Schwarzenegger father a child with another woman, the other woman,Mildred Patricia Baena, was an employee of the family AND the child is only a few weeks younger than his son with ex-wife Shriver. Though, many Schwarzenegger fans would like to believe this story is false, the resemblance between the former governor and his son is uncanny. If it weren’t for Bieber’s baby news, we would say this was the most-talked-about daddy drama of the decade.