A First-Class Portrayal of Royal Stamps

This image is no longer available

The Royal family has been depicted on stamps for centuries. Here are a few images depicting some of the most famous Royals whose faces have fuelled the world’s postal system.

By Chris Ritchie 

Charles and Diana – UK, 1981


                                                                                      Queen Elizabeth II – Bahrain, 1957

Charles and Diana, commemorative marriage – Australia, 1977

The Royal Wedding, William and Kate – Australia, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II – Canada, 1988

King George VI in naval uniform – Canada, 1942

Buckingham Palace, Coronation stamp – New Zealand, 1953

Henry VIII and the Mary Rose – UK, 1982

Multiple value Queen classic side profile – various years


                                                                         Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive stamp – UK 1840