Behind The Cover: Andie MacDowell, April 2014

We are so excited to have the beautiful Andie MacDowell grace the cover of our April issue. The former model arrived to our cover shoot with glowing skin and an open mind. Fashion director Derick Chetty tells us what it was like to work with the 56-year-old actress.

Andie MacDowell casually walked into the studio in Los Angeles where we did our cover shoot, without any cumbersome entourage that usually accompanies celebrities whenever they have anything to do with the media.

With a smile and that charming Southern accent, the 56-year-old actress and L’Oréal spokesperson got right down to business – heading for the makeup room to get ready for our photo shoot.

When it came time to see the clothes, our editorial team schlepped to Los Angeles, she displayed absolutely no diva behaviour and was game to try anything.

Tissue-thin nude chiffon gown? Why, yes.

Form-fitting, neoprene white dress with plunging V-neckline? Why not?

White cotton eyelet full-skirted dress – which looked very Southern belle? “Well, it kinda looks silly now, doesn’t it,” MacDowell drawls, smiling and twirling in front of the mirror. Okay, no to the Southern belle look.

As photographer Michael Williams’ photos can testify, the former model’s face and body still have supermodel status. An avid devotee of Pilates and aerobics, MacDowell mentioned she can stand on her head. And while she seemed game to try anything for our shoot, no, we did not ask her to do that. Well, it hardly seemed right in a goddess gown and Jimmy Choo heels.

But the entire crew on set was clearly impressed with her ability to do this and the photographer jokingly said to her, “But can you do it free standing without the help of a wall?”

MacDowell’s tart response? “No I can’t, but for God’s sake, I am 56 years old, after all.”

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