Happy Birthday, Celine! Watch The Singer Spoof Cher and Others on Jimmy Fallon

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Happy Birthday, Celine Dion! In honour of her birthday, we revisit her hilarious musical impressions from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The popular segment, in which Fallon and his guests imitate randomly selected singers, has proven to be popular on social media. In fact, one of the most-watched guest appearances featured singer Ariana Grande, who got to imitate her idol—Celine Dion.

This time around, Celine herself took centre stage. Although she appeared a little nervous at first (the segment isn’t rehearsed in advance), she eventually eased into it, even engaging the audience and standing up to sing certain portions.

First up, she did “Frère Jacques” in the style of her friend, Cher—which she nailed. She followed it up with “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” performed in the style of Rihanna, complete with some twerking. And finally, she sang as Sia to the tune of “Hush, Little Baby.”

We all knew she was talented, stylish and hilarious—but who knew she had a hidden talent for impressions?!

And there’s no doubt the singer was thrilled to be there. Bravo, Celine!